Gryphon Essence Class A Mono/Stereo (Email or Call For Availability)

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Gryphon Essence Class A Mono/Stereo

Introducing the Gryphon Essence, a masterpiece of audio engineering that embodies purity, neutrality, and musicality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sonic excellence, the Essence is a true statement amplifier for the most discerning audiophiles.

With an ultra-wide frequency bandwidth and conservative power ratings in stereo and monoblock configurations, the Essence delivers exceptional stability with any loudspeaker load. Its dual mono design features a custom-built shielded toroidal transformer with separate windings for left and right channels, ensuring effective isolation of the output and driver stages.

The Essence's drive and musicality are unmatched, thanks to years of research and development in circuit topology and component quality. Its pure Class A topology offers extreme power reserves on demand, combined with refinement and delicacy in musical presentation. The amplifier's fundamental philosophy is neutrality, ensuring that it faithfully reproduces the original recording without adding or subtracting anything.

The circuit topology of the Essence is designed for power and reliability. Sanken bipolar output devices provide outstanding sonic performance and reliability, while the fully symmetrical input and gain stages improve transient response and soundstage depth. The amplifier features a separate power supply for the display and control circuits, preventing digital noise from reaching the amplifier circuits.

In terms of protection, the Essence features a unique, non-invasive system that offers reliable protection without compromising signal purity. The amplifier constantly monitors the output signal and heatsink temperature, ensuring safe operation at all times.

Experience the Gryphon Essence and elevate your listening experience to new heights of clarity, purity, and musicality.