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Color: EOS 5 - Piano Black (High Gloss) - Bi-Wire


Introducing the Gryphon EOS 5 Loudspeakers: Redefining Audio Excellence
Experience the pinnacle of audio perfection with the Gryphon EOS 5 Loudspeakers, the latest innovation from Gryphon Audio Designs. Unveiled at HKAV 2023 in Hong Kong, the EOS 5 represents the epitome of auditory bliss, combining cutting-edge technology with exquisite craftsmanship to deliver a sonic experience like no other.
Revolutionary Design
Building upon the groundbreaking technologies introduced in the EOS 2, the Gryphon EOS 5 sets a new standard for audio reproduction. Featuring a three-way design, the EOS 5 incorporates four bespoke drivers meticulously engineered to perfection. With a 6.5-inch midrange and dual 9.5-inch low-frequency drivers utilizing TPCD (Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Diaphragm) cone construction and Impulse Optimizer Rings, every note is rendered with unparalleled clarity and precision.
Unmatched Performance
Prepare to be captivated by the EOS 5's Full Frequency Range performance, delivering a frequency response of 20-40,000 Hz with a remarkable +2 dB boost. With a sensitivity of 90 dB and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, these speakers effortlessly handle even the most demanding audio signals, ensuring a truly immersive listening experience.
Elegant Aesthetics
The Gryphon EOS 5 exudes elegance and sophistication with its faceted, jewel-like enclosure design, available in four stunning finishes: Soul Red Crystal, High Gloss Black, Stealth Grey, and the all-new S-Mat Black. The S-Mat Black finish features "Self-Healing" chemistry, allowing minor scratches to be effortlessly repaired, preserving the speaker's pristine appearance for years to come.
Enhanced Versatility
Designed for seamless integration into any listening environment, the EOS 5 boasts a range of features to optimize performance. The Line-Dampened porting system ensures smooth airflow, while the three-position Tweeter Level Switch allows for precise adjustment of off-axis dispersion. Gryphon's custom-manufactured adjustable spikes provide stable speaker positioning on any flooring surface, ensuring optimal sound quality in any setting.
Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled audio fidelity with the Gryphon EOS 5 Loudspeakers. Elevate your listening experience and rediscover the magic of music like never before.


Type: 3-way, Linear phase, floor stander
Drivers: Tweeter: 1 Pcs. 1.14” / 29mm, Beryllium Dome, Midrange: 1 Pcs. 6.5” / 165mm, TPCD TM Cone (With Gryphon proprietary impulse optimizer ring), Woofer: 2 Pcs. 9.5” / 240mm, TPCD TM Cone (With Gryphon proprietary impulse optimizer ring)
Frequency Response: 20 – 40,000 Hz (+/-2dB)
Sensitivity: 90dB @2.83V
Impedance: 4 Ω (2.9 Ω min. @ 80Hz)
Crossover: 500 Hz / 2.5 KHz (2nd order / 4th order, Progressive rising slope)
Adjustments: 12KHz – Switch: 0dB, +2dB, +3dB (off-axis dispersion)
Feet: Adjustable spikes with integrated dampers (Removable)