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Finishes : 2-way passive loudspeaker system - Piano Black (High Gloss)


Gryphon EOS 2

Introducing Gryphon's Space Mission: a revolutionary approach to compact, high-performance loudspeakers designed to excel in small, challenging listening environments. The Gryphon EOS 2 is a visually stunning speaker system engineered to deliver full-range, high-end audio in spaces where traditional speakers struggle to perform.

The EOS 2 is the culmination of Gryphon's dedication to achieving perfection in every element of audio playback. With a focus on small rooms and urban living spaces, the EOS 2 offers world-class sound quality in a compact package. It is the ideal solution for audiophiles who demand exceptional audio performance in environments where space is limited.

At the heart of the EOS 2 is Gryphon's innovative "Stealth" enclosure, designed to optimize driver performance and minimize cabinet resonance. The enclosure's unique shape and construction ensure smooth dispersion and uniform energy output, creating a more holographic soundstage. Additionally, the cabinet is engineered to act as an efficient diffuser of in-room standing waves, further enhancing sound quality in small spaces.

The EOS 2 features Gryphon's proprietary "Line porting" technology, which guides the woofer's back wave to the ports, ensuring a clean and accurate bass response. The speaker is designed for near-wall placement, making it versatile and easy to integrate into any room. It can be front- or rear-ported using removable port plugs, and a three-position phase switch ensures optimal treble response at the listening position.

Despite its affordability, the EOS 2 does not compromise on quality. The speaker features a Thin-ply Carbon Fibre woofer cone and a large Beryllium dome tweeter for enhanced dynamics and low-end response. The hand-assembled PCS crossover ensures a seamless transition between drivers, and the speaker's 91 dB efficiency and 4 Ohm impedance make it easy to drive with high-quality amplifiers.

Handcrafted to the highest standards, the EOS 2's elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship make it a standout in any listening environment. Whether used as part of a high-end audio system or as a standalone speaker, the Gryphon EOS 2 delivers unparalleled sound quality in a compact and stylish package.


The front baffle aids drivers in achieving smooth dispersion for uniform energy output and a stable soundstage.
The "Stealth" exterior design acts as an efficient diffuser of standing waves and eliminates resonances inside the enclosure.
Internally, it features Gryphon's proprietary "Line porting," tunnel-damping the rear sound of the Mid-Woofer towards the Ports for clean bass reproduction.
The EOS 2 offers a choice between using a rear- or front-firing port, making it flexible for use in small and medium-sized rooms.
Fitted with a 7.5” (190mm) Mid-Woofer and a 1.34” (34mm) Large-Dome Beryllium Tweeter.
The Mid-Woofer features a neodymium magnet, a cone made of Thin-Ply Carbon fiber (TPCD), and an Impulse optimizer ring for unparalleled Impulse reproduction.
The Tweeter has a large Beryllium Dome, a large rear chamber with special damping, and a precisely shaped waveguide for enhanced dispersion and linearity.
The crossover uses Progressive Rounded Slope technology for perfect overlap and blending between drivers, aligns phase response for a lifelike soundstage, and ensures musical timing is reproduced accurately.

Weight & Dimensions

Type: 2-way, Linear phase, floor stander
Drivers: 1 x 7½” (190mm) Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Diaphragm (TPCD™) with impulse optimizer ring. Manufactured to our specifications by one of the world’s leading fabricators of Formula 1 carbon fiber components.
1×1.34” (34 mm) Beryllium dome tweeter. Step-damped, resonance-free rear enclosure.
Principle: Line-dampened, Front or Rear firing port for optimum room integration.
Frequency response: 26 – 40.000 Hz (-3dB).
Sensitivity: 89dB 1m 2.83V @1KHz.
Impedance: 6Ω nom. / 3.8Ω min. @128Hz
Crossover: 2.2 KHz / 1st – 4th Order, progressive rising slope technology
Feet: Adjustable spikes with integrated dampers (Removable)
Enclosure volume: 1.4 cubic feet / 40 liters
Weight: 67.4 lbs. / 30,6 Kg Each.