Cayin CS-845A Tube Integrated Amplifier (Call/Email For Availability)

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CS-845A: 845 Output Tubes


Cayin CS-845A Tube Integrated Amplifier

This product is a high-quality stereo amplifier that delivers 24 watts of power per channel. It features a Single Ended design and operates in Pure Class A, ensuring excellent audio performance. The amplifier utilizes 845 output power tubes for optimal sound reproduction.

The integrated amplifier includes a combination of tube components, such as the WE6SN7 voltage amplification stage, 300B driver tubes, and 845 output tubes. These tubes contribute to the amplifier's exceptional sound quality.

On the rear panel, you'll find three pairs of line inputs, as well as one pair of Pre-In and one pair of Tape Output connections. The Pre-In input allows you to connect the amplifier to an external preamplifier, enabling you to use the CS-845A as a power amplifier. Additionally, the rear panel includes speaker terminals for 4 and 8 ohm speakers.

To provide convenient control and monitoring, the amplifier features user bias controls for the 845 tubes, allowing you to adjust the bias easily. A bias meter is also located on the top plate for monitoring the bias levels. Furthermore, there is a hum balance adjustment on the top plate specifically for the 300B tube, facilitating easy control over the hum level.

The CS-845A tube amplifier offers a Negative Feedback (NFB) switch on the front plate, which allows you to choose between two levels of NFB. This feature enables you to enjoy different sound outputs from the amplifier, depending on your preference.

In terms of sound characteristics, when the NFB switch is set to 0dB, the amplifier produces an open sound with enhanced detail. On the other hand, setting the switch to -3dB results in a softer, cleaner sound.

The amplifier boasts an anodized aluminum front panel and a fully vented chassis with a beautiful finish. Its construction involves meticulous hand-made point-to-point wiring, ensuring excellent build quality. Furthermore, it includes premium components such as an Alps volume control, audio-grade capacitors and carbon film resistors, a toroid transformer for power supply, a wide bandwidth EI output transformer, and ceramic tube sockets.

For added convenience, the amplifier comes with a remote volume control, and it has the ability to remember the last operation when switched off.

The CS-845A amplifier is available in two front finishes: Silver and Black.


- Power output: 24 watts per channel
- Design: Single Ended
- Amplifier type: Pure Class A
- Output power tubes: 845
- Tube components:
- WE6SN7 voltage amplification stage
- 300B driver tubes
- 845 output tubes
- Rear panel features:
- Three pairs of line inputs
- One pair of Pre-In for connecting to an external preamplifier
- One pair of Tape Output
- Speaker terminals for 4 and 8 ohm speakers
- User bias controls for 845 tubes
- Bias monitoring with a meter on the top plate
- Hum balance adjustment for 300B tube on the top plate
- Negative Feedback (NFB) switch with two levels on the front plate
- NFB settings:
- 0dB for an open sound with more details
- -3dB for a soft, clean sound
- Construction:
- Anodized aluminum front panel
- Fully vented chassis with a beautiful finish
- Hand-made construction with point-to-point wiring
- Protection features:
- Soft-start circuit for extended life of sensitive components
- Premium components:
- Alps volume control
- Audio-grade capacitors and carbon film resistors
- Toroid transformer for power supply
- Wide bandwidth EI output transformer
- Ceramic tube sockets
- Remote volume control included
- Ability to remember last operation when switched off
- Available front finishes: Silver and Black.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 37kg or 82Ibs

420 x 389 x 240mm
16.6 x 15.3 x 9.4 in