Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet MC Edition

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Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet MC Edition

The Ultra Feet from Bassocontinuo drastically reduces the possibility of negative vibrations reaching your components, dispersing energy in the form of heat. Focus on the stage, greater detail and increased dynamics are just some of the parameters that benefit from it. Ultrafeet Mc Edition model is right for your McIntosh electronic.

A complete series composed of four products fully dedicated to McIntosh electronics.
Three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) to match with the proper electronics dimensions and another one specifically dedicated to turntables family.
Equipped with imperial thread (for the electronics) and metric thread (for the turntables), they completely replace the original ones and cover the whole McIntosh catalog from the small Mc275 till the giant Mc901.

Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet MC Edition mcintosh
Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet MC Edition Sale priceFrom $500.00

*All come with a set of 4*

• for the smallest McIntosh electronics
• Diameter: 29 mm
• Height: 25 mm

• for mostly of McIntosh products
• Diameter: 46 mm
• Height: 27 mm

• for the biggest mono blocks
• Diameter: 52 mm
• Height: 27 mm

• for turntable only
• Diameter: 45 mm
• Height: 27 mm