Aune Yuki Portable USB DAC with Headphone Amp

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A USB Dongle Like No Other - Yuki, aune’s new portable DAC with headphone amp, comes equipped with a dual CS43198 DAC chip and features an innovative dual-layer structure that separates the digital circuit from the analog headphone amp circuit. Additionally, the 4-way balanced headphone amp circuit is discrete, with 4×4 transistors driving the output. Yuki stands out as a unique sound-focusing “dongle” suitable for phones, pads, computers, laptops, and Switch devices. Compatibility with computers allows for support of advanced features.

Innovative Dual-Layer Structure, DAC and Amp Completely Separated - With one layer dedicated to the digital DAC circuit and another to the analog headphone amp circuit, Yuki is crafted for True High Fidelity reproduction, aiming for the pinnacle of sound quality.

Discrete Headphone Amp with Transistors - The discrete headphone amp board, powered by a ±5V supply, incorporates 16 transistors to create a compact yet robust 4-way headphone amp.

Dual DAC, 32bit/768k DSD256 | ±5V Boost Converter | 4.4mm+3.5mm - The dual CS43198 DAC chip ensures two completely independent channels, enhancing dynamics and separation. Capable of up to 32bit/768k DSD256 when used with a computer, the four independent headphone amps, powered by a ±5V supply and featuring balanced 4.4mm and single-ended 3.5mm outputs, can effortlessly drive IEMs and earphones. Yuki’s exceptional sound performance makes it an ideal companion for various earphones.

High-Spec | Aesthetic Tuning - The headphone amplifier’s output noise is a mere 2.9μV, with a THD+N of 0.00033% @1kHz. Such excellent hardware performance forms the foundation for outstanding sound. Tuning, guided by real instrument sounds and music pieces, results in a signature that is both natural and rich in musicality.

Aesthetic Design: Snow White & Crystal Clear - The all-aluminum alloy structure, complemented by a fine baked painting finish and a glass window, embodies an aesthetic design that blends art with technology seamlessly.