Aune XC1 Common Audio Clock 10MHz External Clock

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OXCO - The XC1, developed by the aune S1c team, equipped with a high-quality OXCO and 2×2 outputs, serves as an excellent tool in enhancing the overall system’s performance.

Accessible - While traditional audio clocks are high-end and costly, and DIY products often suffer from aesthetic and performance consistency issues, the aune team’s 18-year dedication to audio technology enables the delivery of a superior HiFi experience through the high-performance OXCO. Now, obtaining a high-quality audio clock is straightforward.

Multiple Outputs, Multiple Options - Whether it’s a digital transport, a DAC, a player, or an all-in-one, the importance of the clock to each is well understood. The desire to connect a single external clock to multiple devices is now a reality. The XC1 supports four independent outputs (two sine waves and two square waves) that can operate concurrently.

High-Quality Components - The PCBA plug-in capacitors are sourced from Japan, boasting world-renowned brands. The clock circuit chip capacitors are ECPU models from a globally recognized brand, with an ECPU usage rate on the PCBA reaching 88%. The foundation of superior sound quality lies in high-quality components.

Multilevel Noise Reduction - The power supply incorporates microvolt-level-noise chips in a cascading arrangement, achieving multilevel noise reduction for enhanced audio clarity.

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