Aune X7s Pro Headphone Amp

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Feel The Beauty of Class A

Class-A Amplification:
The X7s Pro utilizes Class-A amplification, where output BJTs continuously conduct, ensuring low open-loop distortion and exceptional linearity. Known for its lush, detailed sound with minimal distortion, Class-A amplifiers offer an excellent listening experience, revealing nuances and subtleties in your music.

Single-Ended & Balanced Headphone Output:
Enjoy versatility with both single-ended 6.35mm and balanced 4-pin XLR headphone outputs, catering to different headphone preferences and enhancing audio fidelity.

3 Gain Levels:
Choose from 3 gain levels tailored to various headphones, earphones, and IEMs, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility across different audio setups.

Powerful & Compact Design:
Featuring 8 pieces of BJT and 4 independent amp circuits with positive and negative power supplies, the X7s Pro maximizes headphone potential. Despite its powerful performance, it maintains a compact size slightly larger than a CD, ideal for placement in diverse environments such as bedrooms, studies, offices, and more. It also includes a preamp output for seamless integration with active speakers and power amps, simplifying HiFi system setup.

High Spec & Aesthetic Tuning:
The X7s Pro achieves exceptional specifications with a frequency response measurement of ±0.3dB (20~80kHz) and THD+N of 0.0002%. Experience a broad soundstage, dark background, and rich detail retrieval. Tuned based on real instrument sounds and musical references, it delivers a natural, musical sound signature that captivates and enhances your listening pleasure.


Puristic Class-A headphone amplifier

Balanced / unbalanced output

3 modes for different Headphones

8 power transistors in 4 groups

Balanced sound and rich performance