Aune SC1 Audio Clock 10MHz External Clock

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Colour: Black


[Upgrade Your System by Adding a Clock] The SC1, equipped with a high-quality custom SC-cut OCXO and 2x2 outputs, serves as an excellent tool in enhancing the overall system’s performance.

[The Genuine Custom OCXO] This is not just any OCXO available to anyone. It’s not a counterfeit version that’s simply a mass-produced model with a modified chassis. The custom SC-cut OCXO represents the collaboration between a seasoned tuner and a prominent oscillator manufacturer.

[The Genuine Independent Power Supply] The SC1 incorporates a low-noise, high-current LDO dedicated to the OCXO power supply, complemented by a specialized shielding can for isolation. The result is a sound that is pure, transparent, and with a dark background.

[The Genuine Synchronized Isolated Output] The four outputs consist of more than just two square waves and two sine waves. The design ensures phase synchronization of each of the four outputs to less than 0.00001°, even when isolated from one another. This feature is ideal for connecting multiple devices. Additionally, the four independent outputs (two sine waves and two square waves) can operate concurrently.

[The Genuine Wide Frequency Domain & Low Jitter] The jitter of the custom OCXO is below 200fs (BW 1Hz ~ 1MHz). The SC1 is capable of providing precise reference clock signals to any system.