Aune Jasper In Ear Monitors IEMs Pure-Fidelity HiFi Earphones

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Initiating with the goal of pure-fidelity reproduction of the original music recording/live scene, the aune acoustics team dedicated three years to the R&D of in-ear monitors. Adhering to standard acoustics design principles, the team refined every aspect - the transducer’s magnet system, the suspension, the diaphragm, and the chamber. These elements elevate the Jasper beyond a typical pair of in-ear monitors, offering an experience akin to a concert hall within the ear.

The MGD - Multi-Gradation Diaphragm, boasting materials of exceptional quality, features high damping, high speed, and high stiffness. This unique diaphragm enables vivid reproduction of a wide range of music, capturing even the subtlest whisper.

Ultra-Linear Magnet System - The fusion of the specially-designed ultra-linear symmetric magnet system with the multi-gradation diaphragm forms a dynamic core of ultra-low distortion, endowing the Jasper with unwavering power.

The Chamber Matters - The meticulously engineered chamber scatters internal sound waves and broadens the soundstage, providing accurate and clear imaging. The effect is so immersive, it may feel like being seated in a concert hall.

Aesthetic Tuning - Tuning is not just listening; it is a critical component of development. Leveraging a background in studio recording and a rich experience in music, both in listening and performance, the aune acoustics team employs real instrument sounds and music pieces as references during the tuning process, ensuring a breathtaking auditory experience.