Aune Flamingo Tube DAC / Headphone Amp

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Connection: Bluetooth


Lighting Up The Sound

Make Your Audio System a Tube One! The Flamingo is a compact, multifunctional tube audio DAC, perfect for home, office, and various other settings. With over a century of history, vacuum tubes offer better overload tolerance, superior linearity, more even harmonics, and a unique sound quality that transistors cannot replicate.

High Resolution Audio & Dual Mode The Flamingo provides mastertape-level decoding capability: USB input supports up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512; coaxial input supports up to 24bit/384kHz and DoP128. It features both tube mode and op-amp mode, offering two distinct audio experiences to suit different preferences.

High Definition Bluetooth Receiving (Bluetooth Edition Only) Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, the Flamingo supports Qualcomm aptX HD, LDAC, and AAC, ensuring high-definition Bluetooth audio reception.

High Spec & Aesthetic Tuning The Flamingo utilizes high-quality HiFi components, including communication-level FR PCB material, C0G capacitors, and low-ripple LDOs. It boasts impressive specifications:

OPA MODE: Noise floor: 4μV, THD+N: 0.0003%
TUBE MODE: Noise floor: 20μV, THD+N: 0.02%

The tuning, based on real instrument sounds and music references, results in a sound signature that is both natural and musical.

Caution The tube can become hot during operation. Avoid touching it. The plug is USA-type; for use in other regions, a suitable adapter is required. Please check compatibility before placing your order.


Hi-Res Tube DAC Headphone Amp

Bluetooth LDAC AptX HD (Bluetooth Only)

Tube and Op-Amp Modus

32bit/768k DSD512

Variabel Line Out

High-Grade Components