Aune Flamingo BD Tube DAC

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Lighting Up The Sound

Vacuum Tube & HD Bluetooth: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, the Flamingo-BD supports aptX HD, LDAC, AAC, and more. Connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Flamingo-BD via Bluetooth and enjoy high-resolution music with the unique blend of high-quality decoding and the distinctive sound of a tube.

Multiple Outputs: The variable LINE-OUT allows for connection with active speakers, power amps, and AV receivers. The COAXIAL and OPTICAL outputs enable easy integration with DACs and AV receivers.

HiFi Hardware Design: The Flamingo-BD boasts 18 years of iterative design, featuring an IIS output circuit with the WM8805 and low-jitter oscillator, a fully isolated digital transformer output circuit, and a comprehensive power supply system (±24V/±5V/6.3V/5V/1.8V). High-quality HiFi components, low noise (TYP 10μV), and low THD+N (0.02%) make it a superior DAC.

Tuning: Musical and Natural: Beyond its well-designed hardware, the Flamingo-BD is carefully tuned for a natural and musical sound signature. The tuning process is based on real instrument sounds and music piece references, ensuring a rich and authentic listening experience.

Aune Flamingo BD Tube DAC
Aune Flamingo BD Tube DAC Sale price$249.00

Hi-Res BT Receiver DAC

Bluetooth 5.1 Aptx HD, LDAC

Digital Isolation

Analog and Digital Output

Variable Line Out