Aune AR5000 Open-Back Headphone w/ headphone stand

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[Pure, Stable. This Dynamic Driver ls Unlike Any Other] The AR5000 feature a 50mm open-back dynamic driver unit with an innovative structure. The multi-layer distributed (MLD) diaphragm balances rigidity and damping, further resolving the breakup issue often found in large drivers. This reduction in distortion across the entire frequency range results in high transparency and a frequency response that effortlessly extends up to 40kHz, allowing the AR5000 to faithfully reproduce musical details.
[Soundstage: Wide, Deep and Immersive] The large-tilt-angle driver panel and the earcup designed with also a tilt - the special acoustic structure enhances spatial perception. Compared to regular headphones with horizontal or slightly angled drivers, the AR5000 offer significantly improved vertical soundstage and imaging. The open grid design on the earcup shell with side vents precisely balances the diffusion of airflow at the rear, further expanding the naturalness and openness of the sound.
[So Comfortable That You Will Forget About Them] The innovative concentric circle wearing adjustment system with an overall lightweight design, achieves an excellent wearing experience. The headband size and overall curvature are finely adjusted to the millimeter level, ensuring a perfect fit for any head shape and eliminating any feeling of pressure or foreign objects. The earcup is made of breathable acoustic slow-rebound sponge, allowing for extended listening sessions without any discomfort.
[Effortlessly Driven by All Devices, A World of Surprises to Unlock] The low impedance design of 28 ohms improves the compatibility of full-sized headphones. Portable devices with high quality, such as the Yuki, are already capable of driving the headphones to deliver impressive overall performance. Furthermore, when paired with desktop equipment, the AR5000 will unlock their surprisingly high potential, opening up endless possibilities.
[Science Is The Foundation, Enjoyment Is The Goal] The meticulously designed acoustic structure delivers exceptional performance. While ensuring the neutral and balanced sound foundation, the AR5000 have great musicality when reproducing vocals and most instruments. They will relax your soul and calm your spirit with their engaging, luring rich relaxed sound.