Aune S9c Pro DAC / Headphone Amp

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Connection: Bluetooth


Color: Black


The All-Round Master

2nd Gen PLL Core & 10MHz Clock Input:
The second generation of the PLL core is a technological breakthrough that enhances the natural and vivid quality of sound. The clock, being the heart of the digital circuit, is perfected with the excellent PLL core and a 10M clock input, offering vast possibilities for sound exploration.

Onboard-IIS Differential Isolation Transmission Technology & Global Clock Sync Tech:
Typically, USB XMOS uses two oscillators to generate clock signals. The S9c Pro innovatively employs an ultra-low-jitter PLL to output clock signals, allowing the USB XMOS and the DAC chip to share the same clock source. The digital and Bluetooth components convert signals to IIS, reshaped by the ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals. This global clock sync ensures genuinely high fidelity.

Fully-Discrete &Twin JFET:
With headphone jacks of 6.35mm, balanced 4.4mm, and XLR, the S9c Pro is compatible with a wide range of headphones. The fully-discrete amp circuit ensures a fast transient response, while twin JFETs per channel provide high impedance and mellow sound. The ±15V linear power supply delivers up to 5W output power. The 50W toroidal low-ripple analog linear transformer and a 23,900μF capacitor array provide substantial power, enhancing sound richness.

Dual-DAC Chip & Specially Designed Filter Modes:
The S9c Pro features two ES9068 DAC chips operating in clock synchronization mode, optimized through PLL technology and a refined power supply system. To achieve superior sound quality, custom-designed filter modes replace the default filters, offering two distinct audio profiles: Mode 1 (standard) and Mode 2 (pure).

Rigorous HiFi Component Selection & Aesthetic Tuning:
Only high-quality, carefully selected components are used in the S9c Pro, aiming for superior sound. With a line output noise floor as low as 2.04μV and THD+N of 0.00022%, and a headphone output noise floor of 7.71μV and THD+N of 0.00058%, the device ensures excellent hardware performance. The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces, achieving a signature sound that is natural and full of musicality.


Hi Res up to 768 Khz 32 Bit DSD 512 MQA 16x

2 DAC chip parallel and synchronous

Fully discrete 5 Watt amplifier

3 headphone outputs balanced / single ended

PLL Clock Synchronization 2nd Gen.

LDAC AptX HD Bluetooth input with clock synch. (Bluetooth Only)

50 Watt Linear Analog Transformer

Support for external clock

Twin Field Effect Transistor

Aluminium Remote