Accuphase P-7500 Power Amplifier (In-Store Shopping Only)

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Accuphase P-7500 Power Amplifier (In-Store Shopping Only)

Experience supreme driving performance with the Accuphase P-7500 Power Amplifier. Boasting a 10-parallel push-pull power transistor architecture and a signal-to-noise ratio of 130 dB, this amplifier delivers a powerful 300 W / 8 ohms, surpassing conventional models. Effortlessly drive massive speakers and immerse yourself in energetic and dynamic soundscapes. (In-store shopping only)

As an authorized Accuphase dealer, we're excited to offer you competitive pricing on our full range of products. Please note that, in accordance with Accuphase policies, we don't display pricing on our website. However, rest assured that our Canadian prices are highly competitive. For complete product details, including specifications and reviews, visit the official Accuphase website. Feel free to reach out with any questions or for pricing information. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you. Thank you!

  • Large output 300 W / 8 ohms, 600 W / 4 ohms, 900 W / 2 ohms
  • 10-parallel push-pull output stage power transistors
  • Instrumentation amplifier principle
  • Current feedback amplification circuits
  • Balanced Remote Sensing
  • MCS+ circuit and current feedback topology in amplification stage
  • High damping factor of 1,000
  • Speaker output protection
  • Highly responsive large-scale power meters
  • Support for bi-amping and bridged mode connection