Accuphase DAC-60 (In-Store Shopping Only)

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Accuphase DAC-60 (In-Store Shopping Only)

Elevate your audio experience to unparalleled heights with the Accuphase DAC-60, a state-of-the-art digital input board designed to seamlessly integrate with Accuphase preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers (compatible models listed below). Unleashing the power of cutting-edge audio technologies, the DAC-60 transforms your listening space into a realm of extraordinary sound reproduction.

Featuring three versatile input types—USB, OPTICAL, and COAXIAL—the DAC-60 ensures compatibility with a wide array of digital devices, allowing you to effortlessly connect and enjoy your favorite content with pristine clarity. This digital input board is not just an accessory; it's a gateway to a world of audio precision.

At its core, the DAC-60 employs the revolutionary "2MDS+ (Multiple Delta Sigma) converter principle" with the ES9016K2M (ESS Technologies) mounted in parallel. This advanced digital-to-analog converter ensures that analog signals are converted with unparalleled accuracy, preserving the true essence of the original source sound. The result is a listening experience that transcends expectations, delivering high-quality and fully expressive performances.

Enhance your audio setup with the Accuphase DAC-60, where innovation meets excellence. Immerse yourself in the purity of sound, and discover a new dimension of musical enjoyment. Elevate your audio journey with the DAC-60 – because your music deserves nothing but the best.

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An automatic change of the coax input / optical fiber /USB input
Automatic recognition of number of sampling frequency /bit /MHz de-emphasis
Guaranteed specifications
USB   :USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) compliant
     :Sampling frequency DSD/2.8224MHz,5.6448MHz,11.2896MHz(1bit)
*11.2896MHz(ASIO only)
     :PCM/ 32kHz~384kHz,32bit
OPTICAL:JEITA CP-1212 compliant
     :Sampling frequency 32kHz~96kHz, 24bit
COAXIAL:IEC 60958/AES-3 compliant
     :Sampling frequency 32kHz~192kHz, 24bit

About sampling frequency display
when DAC-60 is installed in C-2120, E-600, E-470, E-370, or E-270

Sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz are shown as is.
Signals with the following sampling frequencies are handled without problem,
but the indication is always "192.0 kHz":
【DSD】 2.8224 MHz, 5.6448 MHz, 11.2896 MHz
【PCM】 352.8 kHz – 384 kHz

* The reproduction of music data by the USB depends on OS on the PC and softwareof music reproduction.* Please refer to the manual of the PC for setting and the connection method of the PC about USB.Supplied accessories
USB Utility CD-ROM
* About USB driver3 ⇒Connection
* If multiple input signals are supplied at the sametime, the unit automatically locks onto a signal when"OPTION 1" is selected, using the following priority sequence: COAXIAL → OPTICAL → USB* To exclude a signal from being selected, either disconnect the cable or turn power of the respective equipment off