Sonus Faber Homage Collection

Sonus Faber Homage continues Italy’s centuries-long history of music innovation. Taking note from master artisans throughout the centuries - Andrea Amati, Santo Serafino, and Giuseppe Guarneri - Homage honors music heritage through an unmatched combination of sound quality and design. This generation of Homage keeps the classic iteration of the lute shape first introduced in the previous Homage Tradition family.
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Intono is a new technology implemented in the Amati and Serafino. The midrange driver is ducted into another sealed enclosure which is tuned just above the frequency of peak pressure. Intono is a more efficient system with the benefits of a sealed enclosure and the benefits of a port. It allows for a simpler crossover design with fewer restrictive parts.  Leading to pure sound and higher dynamics.





The 220mm woofer feature a force factor increase of 23,6%. Two separate ultralight CCAW voice coils are implemented in a custom formed neodymium slug featuring two air gaps for maximum speed and an integrated heat sync for improved power handling.

To handle the considerable improvement in concussive force and excursion, the spider and surround were redesigned using Finite Element Method.

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The moving mass of the new 150mm woofer has been calibrated to avoid vibratory modes.

The Serafino woofer has been updated with a new voice coil and spider material optimized for greater air movement and bass extension.

The entire system has been carefully mass loaded to counterbalance any resonant vibration. 

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The tuning on the 150mm driver has been improved, reducing resonance to 15Hz. 

The Guarneri midwoofer has also been optimized for greater control and excursion.

A purpose built neodymium motor system and a new tuning frequency allowing for deeper extension without distortion. 

The entire system has also been optimized, balancing mass to reduce modal vibration.








Cutting-edge technology defines the latest generation of Homage. Each upgrade elevates the sonic power of Homage, while maintaining pristine musical detail. The result is transformative, three-dimensional sound, replicating the sensation of a live performance inside any space.




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