Installing a Pair of Wilson Alexx V® Speakers

Installing a Pair of Wilson Alexx V® Speakers
originally posted
by: Alex Hu
May 4, 2022

Wilson Audio Alexx V® Speakers finished in GT Silver

The movers came at 10:00 am. "Oh no. Not another pair of Alexx! You already have a pair right here!” they complained, pointing at Alex D. and the new hire, Alex H. Each pair of Wilson Alexx V® speakers weigh over 1300 lbs, so we were thankful we had the help of Akbar and Kamaal, our movers. If loading the 3 wooden crates into the moving truck wasn’t enough of a hassle, we had to navigate the large crates through the bends of the narrow halls towards to service elevator. If that wasn’t enough trouble, we also had to get all 3 crates and all 5 of us to play Tetris inside the elevator so we could go up in a single trip.

People pushing Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers inside crates and elevator

When we arrived at the client’s condo, the entire experience was stunning. Being on the 39th floor of a condo in the center of downtown Toronto really opens your eyes to how complex the city is. The first thing we had to do was to bring in the base of the speakers. Luckily these were on casters, so we just had to roll them in. After we brought in the rest of the driver and tweeter assemblies, we had time to admire the craftsmanship of the speakers.

People pushing Wilson Audio Alexx V Assembly

As an engineering student that spends a lot of time working in the shop, I can say that the experience of seeing and feeling these speakers, or rather works of art, are truly a sight to behold. Wilson has done an astounding job with the design language and engineering of the Alexx V® speakers. The surfaces with an exposed CNC finish have a pattern that accentuates the curves and corners of the speaker enclosures, and the rest of the painted surfaces are all painted and polished flawlessly. Each driver assembly also has its own time alignment system so that the sound from the tweeters and different drivers will all arrive at your ear at the same time.

Time alignment stairs and cnc finish of Wilson Audio Alexx V

Every component and feature on these speakers show masterful precision and detail. Even the wires from each speaker module are colour coded to its respective terminal, so you cannot make a mistake. There is even a special light module on the back of the speaker to provide some light for visibility.

Wilson Audio Alexx V color coded wires for terminals

The most tedious job of it all though, was removing the paint protection film that covered every painted surface of the speakers. With 3 of us meticulously peeling the film off, it took about an hour to finish. Despite that, the whole installation was truly a great experience. Next week we will be installing the Dan D'Agostino Progression M550 Amplifiers, so be sure come back for that blog, as well as a video on YouTube!

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