Accuphse CX-260 Preamp $2,500

Rare Accuphase CX-260 Preamplifier in Gold Champagne finish

Accuphase makes some of the very best components, and the fit/finish embarasses many high end products

Excellent - Mint condition. Comes with box and remote


Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond $2,000 - Lower Price

DMD Diamond Tweeter
One owner
Excellent Condition
Beautiful speakers with top quality drive components


Luxman CL35 mkIII $2,000

Vintage, rare
Comes with wood sleeve.
Beautiful collectible tube preamp
Sounds as you would expect a vintage preamp to...sweet, musical, rich with nice definition.
This is a preamp that you could listen to for hours without any fatigue


Mcintosh ML10C speakers Rare $600

McIntosh ML10C bookshelf speakers
Rare vintage. Woofers have been refoamed
Beautifully made, each weighs about 50 lbs!


Krell Evolution One Monoblocks Rare


Top of the Line, 4 chassis design
Rated at 450 watts @ 8ohms Pure Class A
Built without compromise
Excellent condition except one amp module shows light discoloration on the top right edge.


Apogee Calipers Signature Speakers $1,399

Full range ribbon speakers
Very rarely available
Comes with original box and manual
Good condition : Ribbons play perfectly with no buzzing, no signs of distortion or mistreatment. One speaker foot has a crack and a little chip.


ProAc Super Tablette Monitors $850

These speakers are amazingly fast, detailed, transparent, and throw a soundstage and image that you would not believe. Designed by Stuart Tyler, made in England, the Super Tablettes put to shame many of the expensive speakers of the day.

Price is firm. Original box.


Convergent Audio Technology JL-1 RARE! $11,500

Convergent Audio Technology JL-1
Pure Class A Triode Tube Amplifiers
KT120 output tubes
Removable tube cages
Very good condition. Fully checked, biased, tested and ready to go.


Rogue Audio Magnum 99 Tube Preamp $1,499

Matching preamp for Stereo90
Excellent Condition
Made in the USA
Original Box/Manual

unison research s6.jpg

Unison Research S6 Tube Integrated Amp $3,000 - SOLD

Pure Class A, 30w/ch
Single-ended parallel/ultralinear
Italian design and manufacture
This gorgeous integrated amplifier is stunning sonically and visually
Comes with Box, Manual and Remote


Revox B225 CD Player $850 - SOLD

Revox B225 CD player
Made in Germany
This CD player is highly sought after because of its transport.
This one is cosmetically in good condition. We have marked it conservatively due to the age only. SOLD

brinkman monoblock.jpg

Brinkmann Monoblock Amplifiers $9,000 - SOLD

1 owner. From a large collection
Rated 150w/ch@8 ohms, 250w/ch@4 ohms
Fully balanced, diamond output stage
Comes with Granite Bases
Made in Germany SOLD

accuphase c202.jpg

Accuphase C-202 Class A Line Preamp $1,050 - SOLD

This Class A line preamp sounds enticingly musical, rich, and tube-like while retaining very good detail. Built like you would expect Accuphase to be

No box or manual SOLD

bryston bcd1.jpg

Bryston BCD 1 CD player $1,350 - SOLD

Bryston BCD 1 CD player
Excellent condition
Comes with original box, manual, remote
Superb CD player, made by a superb Canadian company
Search online and see all the fantastic reviews. SOLD


Krell FPB 650Mc 650 watts class A monoblocks $12,500 - SOLD

Rated 650 watts class A @ 8ohms, 1300 watts@4ohms, 2600 watts@2ohms!
Built like a tank
This was Krell at its finest.
These amps are from a very large collection. SOLD


Sugden A28B Integrated Amp. Rare $650 - SOLD

Hand built in UK

Rated at 45 watts/ch into 8 ohms.

Large transformer, hot running, basically designed for the fussy music lover looking for the best sound at a great price. SOLD

Rotel Michi RHT & RHA.jpg

Rotel Michi RHT-10 Tuner $1,000 & RHA-10 Line Preamp $950 - SOLD

Tuner: titanium color anodized aluminum alloy casing, fiber-glass epoxy PCB, 1% accurate 6-ring resistors, copper shield HF section, toroidal transformer, and Black Gate electrolytic capacitors.

Preamp: Class A, was part of Rotel's high end line.

Both come with remote and manual, tuner has box. SOLD


Rogue Audio Stereo 90 Tube Power Amplifier $1,595 - SOLD

Made in the USA
Original Box/Manual
Excellent condition
Rated at 90 watts/ch
Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Awards