Micro Seiki BL111 Turntable $5195

Superbly built.
Rosewood/Red Plinth with metal platter
This turntable is a rare find. In great condition for it's age. Platter shows a bit of discoloration.
Sale is for the turntable only
Very heavy, around 80 lbs or so.


Martin Logan CLX/Descent i sub with CLX crossover $12995

Very rarely available
Excellent condition
One of the finest speakers ever made.


April Music Aura note CD/Int Amp/Tuner All-In-One $1450

Superb Sound in a small package
Gorgeous Industrial Design by highly decorated Industrial Designer Kenneth Grange
Rated 50 watts/ch
Comes with box and remote


McIntosh C2500 Tube Preamp $6500

Excellent Condition
One Owner
Very lightly used. Part of a large collection


McIntosh MX151 Top of the Line Preamp/Processor $6500

Top of the Line
Excellent Condition - very low use
Original Owner


McIntosh C50 Preamplifier. MM/MC $5250

McIntosh C50 Preamplifier
Excellent condition
One owner.


Martin Logan Montis Electrostatic Hybrid $7500

One Owner. Excellent Condition
Rarely used. Part of a large collection
Owner downsizing his collection
Comes with Box


Martin Logan Stage X Electrostatic Center Speaker $2500

Excellent Condition
One owner. Senior
Very low use.
Comes with box and bracket


Martin Logan Descent i Subwoofer $1900

Top of the line
1 owner, senior
Very good condition.
Comes with packaging


Technics SL-1210M5G/New Denon DL103R Cartridge $2000

Turntable in Excellent condition. Dustcover has some light scratches
One owner, Senior
Comes with box


Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD/CD/DAC $9950

One owner, Excellent Condition
Very Rare!!


Martin Logan Depth i $1550

Martin Logan Depth i powered subwoofer

One owner, Senior

Rarely used. Part of a very large collection

Mcintosh MA6300

McIntosh MA6300


McIntosh patented Power Guard to ensure high volume does not have distortion, minimizing chance of damage to the amp or speakers
Iconic Black Glass and Blue meters
Includes MM phono stage


Luxman CL35 mkIII $2,000

Vintage, rare
Comes with wood sleeve.
Beautiful collectible tube preamp
Sounds as you would expect a vintage preamp to...sweet, musical, rich with nice definition.
This is a preamp that you could listen to for hours without any fatigue


Mcintosh ML10C speakers Rare $600

McIntosh ML10C bookshelf speakers
Rare vintage. Woofers have been refoamed
Beautifully made, each weighs about 50 lbs!


Krell Evolution One Monoblocks Rare


Top of the Line, 4 chassis design
Rated at 450 watts @ 8ohms Pure Class A
Built without compromise
Excellent condition except one amp module shows light discoloration on the top right edge.


ProAc Super Tablette Monitors $850

These speakers are amazingly fast, detailed, transparent, and throw a soundstage and image that you would not believe. Designed by Stuart Tyler, made in England, the Super Tablettes put to shame many of the expensive speakers of the day.

Price is firm. Original box.


Convergent Audio Technology JL-1 RARE! $11,500

Convergent Audio Technology JL-1
Pure Class A Triode Tube Amplifiers
KT120 output tubes
Removable tube cages
Very good condition. Fully checked, biased, tested and ready to go.


Rogue Audio Magnum 99 Tube Preamp $1,499

Matching preamp for Stereo90
Excellent Condition
Made in the USA
Original Box/Manual


Accuphse CX-260 Preamp $2,500 - SOLD

Rare Accuphase CX-260 Preamplifier in Gold Champagne finish

Accuphase makes some of the very best components, and the fit/finish embarasses many high end products

Excellent - Mint condition. Comes with box and remote SOLD


Apogee Calipers Signature Speakers $1,399-SOLD

Full range ribbon speakers
Very rarely available
Comes with original box and manual
Good condition : Ribbons play perfectly with no buzzing, no signs of distortion or mistreatment. One speaker foot has a crack and a little chip. SOLD


Usher Dancer Mini-X Diamond $2,000 - Lower Price -SOLD

DMD Diamond Tweeter
One owner
Excellent Condition
Beautiful speakers with top quality drive components SOLD