Unveiling the Magnepan X Upgrade Program: Elevate Your Sonic Journey with the MG2.7i

Unveiling the Magnepan X Upgrade Program: Elevate Your Sonic Journey with the MG2.7i

Today, we're thrilled to introduce the Magnepan X Upgrade Program, a revolutionary initiative that transforms your existing Magnepan speakers into veritable audio masterpieces. This program, including the newly launched MG2.7i, promises an unparalleled listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

The Magnepan X Upgrade Program - A Symphony of Upgrades

The MG___X Upgrade Program is built on a simple yet profound concept: replace all components leading up to the driver with superior ones, resulting in a discernible, measurable, and awe-inspiring improvement. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who've experienced the "X" upgrade underscore its success, making it a universally well-received program.

Key Features of the MG___X Upgrade Program

Better Capacitors: High-quality, copper-rich, polypropylene capacitors replace existing ones, individually tested to ensure precision and a smoother overall response.

Better Coils (Inductors): High-gauge, copper wire, air-core, bobbin-wound coils replace existing ones, individually tested for precise left and right crossovers' inductances.

Better Wiring: All wiring, except for the True Ribbon Tweeters, is upgraded to 15ga or higher solid copper wire. Careful attention to design ensures shorter wire lengths and reduced overall wire mass.

Better Connections: All connections within the circuit are soldered, eliminating mechanical connections for a seamless and reliable audio experience.

Better Inputs: Nameplate components are upgraded to gold for enhanced performance.

Appearance: The MG___X maintains the visual integrity of its non-X counterpart, with the only noticeable difference being the gold nameplate components. A small red "X" after the model denotes its participation in the X Upgrade program.

Eligible Models and Process

Models eligible for purchase as X’s include MG.7x’s, MG1.7x’s, MG2.7x’s, MG3.7x’s, MG20.7x’s, and MG30.7x’s. Additional models may be added in the future, and other models can be considered upon special request. The nomenclature follows a simple 'x' after the numbers, maintaining consistency for both current and discontinued models.

Explore the possibilities of the Magnepan X Upgrade Program through the Service Department for eligible models. Each speaker will be diagnosed and quoted individually, providing an opportunity for a unique audio experience tailored to your preferences.

Introducing the MG2.7i: A Resurrection of Sound Excellence

The MG2.7i, a revival of the MG2.n series, brings forth the legacy of the "two" series, a MagneFan favorite since its inception. With a True Ribbon Tweeter, the MG2.7i stands as a testament to Magnepan's commitment to delivering crisp highs across a wider range of budgets.

Officially available for order on November 15th, the MG2.7i fills a crucial spot in our model lineup. Smaller than the MG3.7i, it offers a slightly weaker bass, making it an ideal candidate for pairing with fast subs or as rears/surrounds in multi-channel systems.

Existing MG2.5’s, 2.6’s, and 2.7’s are not eligible for upgrading to MG2.7i, but they can undergo the transformative MG___X program. For inquiries about the MG2.7i or the MG___X program, feel free to reach out for a personalized discussion.

Embark on a sonic journey like never before with Magnepan. Elevate your listening experience with the Magnepan X Upgrade Program and immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of audio excellence, where each note is an invitation to a realm of unparalleled sonic bliss.

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