Sonus faber Sonetto Has Arrived

Sonus faber Sonetto Has Arrived
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by: Adrian Low
September 26, 2018
Sonetto II Wood.jpg

While I was away at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association show in San Diego, the boys excitedly told me a huge shipment of Sonus faber Sonetto speakers had arrived. Like kids on Christmas morning, Jay and Vilip unboxed and promptly connected the 2 pairs of bookshelf speakers.

“Why just the bookshelf speakers?” I asked. The simple answer was that we had run out of display space!

“They sound amazing!”, Vilip told me over the phone. I arrived back in Toronto Saturday night, and was in the store Sunday morning to hear them. Sure enough, the Sonetto I and II are astonishing. Both throw a huge soundstage with sharp, clear images within. Surprisingly deep bass emanates out of the small boxes. Silky smooth highs with no edge or brightness thanks to the new, factory-designed Damped Arrow Dome silk tweeters. But perhaps the most impressive thing is the midrange. It just draws you in. Vocals, instruments, percussion, the music simply fills the room. I played song after song, album after album.  

Sonetto collection_Wood.jpg

The Sonetto range includes 2 bookshelf, 3 floorstanders, 2 center channels and 1 on-wall models, with subs to come. All are designed and made in Italy by the same artisans who build the rest of the Sonus faber speakers. All drivers are in-house designed from ground up, and use similar technology found in the top models. And as you’d expect from Sonus faber, the Sonettos look stunning, finished in Walnut, Piano Black or White Matte.


Sonettos are easy to drive, and perfect for Music or Home Theater systems driven by normal electronics. Make no mistake, however, these are true thoroughbred speakers. Sonetto  brings Sonus faber magic to a price range that more can afford without losing the qualities that define the more expensive brethren.


Prices start from $2,399/pr.  Sonettos combine stunning Italian artistry and musical beauty at reasonable prices. I believe these may well be the finest speakers in their range. We’ve compared them to many of their top competitors. For my money and taste, I choose these without reservation.


Sonetto collection _Matte White.jpg
Sonetto collection_Piano Black.jpg

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