Shunyata's New Best Power Conditioner

Shunyata's New Best Power Conditioner



Audio Excellence Canada is happy to announce that Shunyata Research is releasing a brand new power distributer!

Shunyata has been working for five-years since the original Typhon models were released. The Typhon T2 come in at half the size and price of the Typhon QR, while including more features that the previous models.



The Typhon T2 works as a stand-alone two-outlet reference power distributer, powering any level or grade of amplifier. Optionally, the Typhon T2 can come equipped with an umbilical, allowing it to connect in-line to any other Shunyata power-distributor as a performance force-multiplier.

The chassis is the same as the Denali 6000S/v2, which is compact and easily stackable with any in-line units you may want to pair it with. Any power distributer below the Everest 8000 can be paired with the T2, even the original Denali 6000s/v1, promising a performance upgrade to any system.




Adding a Typhon T2 promises to instantly improve dynamic expression dramatically.

With enhanced timing, improved imaging, and three-dimensional presence, the T2 should be noticeably more impressive than any other power distributor Shunyata has to offer.

The most noticeable improvement is the organic, noise-less background that this power distributer can provide.

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