Now Representing – Shunyata Research

Now Representing – Shunyata Research
originally posted
by: Alex Hu
May 31, 2022
Shunyata Research Everest Power Conditioner

Everest Power Conditioner

Audio Excellence is now representing Shunyata Research and their high performance electrical and cabling systems for recording, film, medical, surgical and consumer audio-visual systems world-wide. Started in 1997, the Washington based company stems from the founder, Caelin Gabriel, and his efforts to improve his music listening experience. Formerly a US military research scientist, he used his skills to develop products used all over the world in some of the best recording studios and medical applications.

Shunyata Research Omega Power Cable

Omega Power Cable

Shunyata’s products are designed with a clear intent: to remove noise, clear the signal path, eliminate impedance and to allow signal-critical electronics systems to perform at an otherwise unattainable level. Shunyata Research’s exclusive NR (Noise Reduction) technology is a multi-stage filter network that measurably reduces power-line and component-generated noise, producing better purity of tone and clarity. It delivers a stunning background of silence to recordings, allowing the listener to hear into recordings as never before.  Every nuance of meaningful content is revealed, bringing to life music’s most consequential moments as if the performers are in the room with the listener.

Shunyata Research Omega QR Power Cable

Omega QR Power Cable

Shunyata Research and their products are so highly regarded that they are utilized even in the medical field, involving crucial procedures like heart surgeries. In critical situations when having the clearest signal path and eliminating noise is key, companies and hospitals around the world turn to Shunyata, as they trust them to provide the highest quality and performance. A plethora of the highest end recording studios use their products as well. Here of some of the companies that use Shunyata products.

Pro Applications

·       Astoria Studios (David Gilmour)

·       James Guthrie (Mastering Engineer, Pink Floyd)

·       Sony Music (Japan)

·       Rick Rubin (Shangri-la Studio)

·       GAT 3

·       SkyWalker Sound and Film Studios (San Francisco)

·       Vlado Meller (Mastering engineer from Sony)

·       Vienna Philharmonic


Audio Industry

·       Wilson Audio

·       Audio Research

·       DCS

·       Magico 

·       Constellation

·       Aurender

Gat 3 Studio Shunyata Research

Gat 3 Studio

Audio Excellence is proud to be representing Shunyata Research and their award-winning line of top-notch products. Stay tuned for future videos and blogs on their products on our website and on our YouTube page.

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