MSB Technology – State of the Art Digital

MSB Technology – State of the Art Digital
originally posted
by: Adrian Low
April 3, 2019

For over 25 years, MSB has been designing and manufacturing state of the art digital playback components. Their products have always been loved for their smooth, rich and natural sound. This latest generation is so good that MSB is clearly the best I’ve heard. By far.


 It started with the Reference DAC that Vince Galbo, MSB Sales Manager brought for a demo last fall. The Reference DAC redefined my expectations of digital. The MSB Analog DAC I had could not hold a candle to it. As good as it was, the Reference DAC was so much better. A lot pricier as well. Vince told me of the upcoming Discrete and Premier DACs. Similar in price to the Analog, the Discrete performs in the same vein as the Reference, while the Premier takes it further. So I ordered the Discrete, and promptly forgot all about it.


 I was unlocking my office one afternoon, coming back from a client visit when I heard Ella and Louie playing in the big room. It sounded so good. Much better than I had ever heard. I stepped into the room. Vilip was listening with his eyes closed. I asked Vilip what had changed. “The MSB Discrete DAC arrived. We just connected it.” This blew me away. It was so good, so much better than anything I had heard. Anecdotal, for sure, but I know the system and the music intimately. We play it all the time. The MSB Discrete took the system to a whole new musical experience.

Inside of the MSB Discrete Dac

Inside of the MSB Discrete Dac

 Within a few weeks, we’d sold a Discrete, which was quickly upgraded to the Reference. Another client bought the Reference due to our enthusiastic recommendation. The MSB DACs are unquestionably the best I’ve heard. We are enjoying Tidal and our CDs like never before.


If you are in the market for the best digital playback, you simply owe it to yourself to audition these amazing products.

Inside of the MSB Reference Dac

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