McIntosh's 75th Anniversary: Unveiling the Power of Sound

McIntosh's 75th Anniversary: Unveiling the Power of Sound

As McIntosh celebrates 75 years of audio excellence, the iconic brand introduces the MC2.1KW Monoblock Power Amplifier and a series of 75th Anniversary Editions for select products. This milestone not only marks a momentous occasion in the brand's rich history but also signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic perfection. Join us as we delve into the features of the MC2.1KW and explore the exclusive 75th Anniversary Edition models.

The MC2.1KW Monoblock Amplifier: Released as a special McIntosh 75th Anniversary Edition in 2024, the MC2.1KW Monoblock Power Amplifier sets a new standard for home audio amplification. With 75 years of expertise behind its creation, the MC2.1KW embodies McIntosh's dedication to delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

Ultimate Power: The tri-chassis marvel of the MC2.1KW is designed to deliver an astonishing 2,000 Watts of pristine McIntosh power, elevating your home stereo or theater experience to unprecedented heights. McIntosh's unwavering commitment to sonic perfection is evident in every aspect of this amplifier, inviting enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary journey through sound.

75th Anniversary Edition Models: In celebration of their 75th anniversary, McIntosh introduces special editions of four existing products, each featuring optional anniversary markings. These unique models showcase a dual anodized laser-engraved badge proudly displaying the 75th Anniversary logo on the top of the unit. Additionally, the handles of each unit are engraved with a graceful "75 years" inscription, adding a touch of elegance to these commemorative editions.

  • C12000-AN Anniversary Edition MSRP: $18,000

  • MC1.25KW-AN Anniversary Edition MSRP: $29,000

  • MA12000-AN Anniversary Edition MSRP: $15,500

  • MCD12000-AN Anniversary Edition MSRP: $12,500

It's worth noting that the non-anniversary versions of these models are still available in 2024. To secure the anniversary edition, customers must include the -AN suffix after the model number when placing their orders.

You can now pre-order the MC2.1KW Amplifier at an MSRP of $100,000, ushering in a new era of audio excellence. Additionally, the 75th Anniversary Edition models are available for order as well. Celebrate 75 years of McIntosh and immerse yourself in the power of sound like never before.

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