McIntosh Ultra Feet Isolation System

McIntosh Ultra Feet Isolation System
Made and designed by Basso Continuo in partnership with McIntosh, they just introduced a range of isolation feet for all McIntosh components. These stainless-steel feet simply screw into the bottom of your components, replacing the stock plastic feet. Depending on the weight of the components, you can choose Small, Medium or Large. There is also an option for McIntosh turntables. Within each size, you can also choose the appropriate visco-elastic disc for maximum vibration reduction. These discs come with the package and are very easy to install
Ultra Feet are the first isolation devices that are fully tested by Vicoter, an Italian company specializing in the aerospace and structural engineering industry. You can see the efficacy of the Ultrafeet in the graphs below. The reduction of vibrations is absolutely astounding!
Basso Continuo is an Italian company that specializes in high end racks. They are exquisitely made using stainless steel for the posts and legs, with leather, glass or wood veneered MDF for shelving.
Each package comes with 4 Ultra Feet. Prices range from $405 to $540 for a set. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to order. You can also go to our online store and order them.


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