Discover the Future of High-Fidelity Audio with the Lumin P1 Mini and PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2

Discover the Future of High-Fidelity Audio with the Lumin P1 Mini and PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2


In the high-fidelity audio world, innovation and compact design often go hand in hand. Two standout products exemplify this trend: the Lumin P1 Mini and the PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2. Both devices pack advanced technologies and versatile functionalities into sleek, user-friendly packages, offering exceptional audio performance and flexibility. Whether you're enhancing your existing setup or building a new system, these products offer unparalleled performance for discerning listeners.

Lumin P1 Mini: Compact Powerhouse for High-Fidelity Audio

Versatility Built-In

The Lumin P1 Mini is a marvel of versatility, designed to function as a streamer, DAC, pre-amplifier, or all three. Building on the success of its award-winning predecessor, the Lumin P1, the P1 Mini incorporates advanced components into a more compact chassis without compromising performance.


Key Features

Five Inputs for Diverse Connectivity

  • Includes USB, HDMI, SPDIF, and Analogue inputs, allowing for a wide range of connection options.

Dual DAC ES9028PRO

  • Features two ES9028PRO DAC chips for superior digital-to-analog conversion.

High-Resolution Support

  • Supports DSD512 and PCM384, ensuring compatibility with the highest quality audio formats.

Linear Power Supply

  • The new internal toroidal linear power supply provides clean and stable power for optimal performance.

Femto Clock System

  • Incorporates a precision FPGA clock distribution system for minimal jitter and accurate audio reproduction.

Fibre Network Support

  • Dual network ports with optical fibre support ensure isolation from network noise and provide flexible networking options.


Why Choose the Lumin P1 Mini?

The Lumin P1 Mini’s versatility makes it ideal for various applications:

Streaming DAC

  • Use the P1 Mini like other Lumin players, leveraging its DSD512/PCM384 support, Femto Clock System, Fibre Networking, and Leedh Processing for outstanding streaming performance.

Hi-Fi Hub

  • Connect all your stereo sources to the P1 Mini and pair it with a power amplifier for a complete and powerful music system.

2-Channel TV System

  • Simplify your home audio setup by connecting HDMI sources directly to your TV and the P1 Mini. With HDMI ARC, all your audio is routed through your main speakers, eliminating the need for an AV receiver.


Technology and Construction

The Lumin P1 Mini integrates several advanced technologies to ensure top-notch performance:

Dual DAC Chips

  • Utilizes dual ES9028PRO DACs for precise and high-quality audio conversion.

Femto Clocking System

  • Employs dual Femto crystal oscillators for ultra-accurate timing and reduced jitter.

Advanced Connectivity

  • Offers a variety of inputs and outputs, including USB Audio Class 2, HDMI with ARC support, SPDIF, and optical inputs, ensuring compatibility with numerous audio sources.

Leedh Processing

  • Provides lossless volume control for precise and distortion-free audio adjustment.


Supported Streaming Services

The Lumin P1 Mini is compatible with a wide range of streaming services, making it a versatile choice for digital audio enthusiasts:

  • TIDAL, including TIDAL Connect
  • Qobuz
  • Roon
  • Spotify
  • Plex
  • MQA
  • AirPlay-compatible
  • TuneIn Radio

The Lumin P1 Mini is a compact yet powerful audio component that brings flagship features into a smaller, more versatile package. Whether you're looking to enhance your streaming capabilities, consolidate your hi-fi sources, or simplify your home theater setup, the P1 Mini offers the performance and flexibility to meet your needs.


PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2: Uncompromising Audiophile Excellence

The new PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2 combines the best of several high-fidelity components into one elegant package. This remarkable device features:

  • An exceptional analog preamplifier
  • A state-of-the-art DAC
  • A 150-watt per channel stereo power amplifier
  • An outstanding MC/MM phono stage

With its rich, full-bodied sound and sleek design, the Stellar Strata MK2 is the perfect foundation for audiophiles seeking top-tier performance without compromise.

Key Features

Balanced Analog Preamplifier

  • Fully balanced analog circuitry ensures pure, uncolored sound.

State-of-the-Art DAC

  • Delivers pristine digital audio conversion for high-resolution music playback.

Powerful Amplifier

  • 150 watts per channel stereo power amplifier provides robust and dynamic sound.

High-Definition Phono Stage

  • Compatible with both MC and MM cartridges, ensuring excellent vinyl playback.


Design Philosophy

PS Audio aimed to create an all-in-one solution for music lovers who value simplicity and uncompromised sound quality. The design principles include:


  • Combining a DAC, preamplifier, phono stage, and power amplifier in one unit.

Ease of Use

  • "Just add speakers" for an effortless audiophile experience.

Sound Quality

  • Rich textures, deep musical details, and energetic playback.



The Stellar Strata MK2 is engineered to eliminate the common challenges of assembling high-fidelity systems. Its design optimizes:

Audio Synergy

  • Harmonizes the performance of its integrated components.

Power Supply Management

  • Ensures stable and clean power distribution.

Component Isolation

  • Reduces interference for superior sound clarity.


Technology and Construction

Analog GainCell™

  • Developed by PS Audio founder Paul McGowan, it offers seamless volume control without degrading sound quality.

Class A Biased MOSFETs

  • Provides a sweet, tube-like sound quality with high current output for detailed musical reproduction.

Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • Multiple input options including I2S, Coax, Optical, and USB for versatile connectivity.
  • Digital Lens technology enhances digital signal quality.


  • Color Options: Black and Silver
  • Voltage Options: Available for Japan, North America, Europe/Asia
  • Input Selection: 9 total inputs (2 analog, 6 digital, 1 phono)
  • Volume and Balance Control: Precise control over audio levels and balance
  • Headphone Output: High-quality headphone amplification
  • Power Consumption: Idle 20W, Typical 50W, Maximum 600W

The PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2 is more than just an integrated amplifier; it's a comprehensive high-resolution audio solution that brings together the best of analog and digital technologies. With its robust build, elegant design, and unparalleled sound quality, it stands as a testament to PS Audio's commitment to audiophile excellence.



Both the Lumin P1 Mini and PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2 exemplify the best in compact, high-fidelity audio technology. The P1 Mini offers incredible versatility and high-end streaming capabilities, while the Stellar Strata MK2 delivers an all-in-one solution for audiophiles seeking simplicity without compromising sound quality. Whether you're enhancing your existing setup or building a new system, these products offer exceptional performance and flexibility for the discerning listener.

Experience the future of high-fidelity audio with the Lumin P1 Mini and PS Audio Stellar Strata MK2—where compact design meets uncompromising sound quality.

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