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Jay has never experienced this much power and authority in a speaker before....

the devialet phantom and Jay's struggle to record it doesn't surprise


In this video, Jay and Xin shows their appreciation for your help in reaching 100 subscribers by doing push ups !


Do you have dirty records? Have you damaged records while trying to clean it? Struggling to clean them properly?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then the Okki Nokki will be a life saver for you !

In this video, we go over how easy and safe it is to clean a record using the Okki Nokki Vacuum record cleaner


This is a special video for both Xin and Jay because it is their favorite speaker.

You can almost hear the excitement in our voices because we just cannot hide how exciting it is to share it with you.


This headphone is incredibly fashionable, no wonder it was featured in Beyonce's famous music video. This is the perfect option for those that require both great sound and looks.


I will be the first to admit to you, this may not be the best headphone you will ever hear. But it certainly is within this price range, competing with headphones double its price point and here is why...


Okay... so we did the unboxing of the MT-2. Now it is time to learn how to set them up... And maybe a little demo towards the end.


We received the latest Wilson Audio speakers. It is a lot smaller than typical Wilson Audio speakers. Will it live up to the Wilson Audio name? Let us find out in this video.


Jay, as an avid headphone enthusiast, believes that the Hifiman Sundara is one of the best headphones he can confidently recommend and here is why...


Have you ever experienced planar magnetic or electrostatic speakers? They tend to be pricey but in this video, we invite you to the whole new world of Magnepans


This product truly amazed us. It is small but extremely powerful ! It is an entry model yet sounds very good !

It is a product that revamps your expectations of a small headphone amp/dac. What kind of dark sorcery is the guys at ifi using? It doesn't look so small anymore in our eyes...



Have you ever wondered how the clearaudio statement actually works? Vilip from audio excellence shall explain...



Guys from ifi audio released this amazing product that sounded too good to be true, especially for the money ! So, I decided to take it home for a test and this is what I found...

  1. Mcintosh wireless speaker? It is no doubt the coolest idea but how does it sound?

  2. Does it have what it takes to be called a true Mcintosh ?


In this video, we are unboxing the new Mcintosh turntable. Let us take you through what is inside the MT-2 box.


Adrian gave us permission to open up the Demo piece of the Mcintosh MA252. So we decided to share the experience. Enjoy !