Who Am I?

That’s a big question. You might find my answer... can I be so easily defined? If I answered 42 – would that be enough?

My earliest memories have always centered around music and sound and vision. Those shiny spinning black discs fascinated a small Chinese boy who wanted to know why? How does this mellifluous elixir get from that blackness to my ears and makes me feel so much better – lost for a moment in beauty. And this happened when I was very young.

My early professional life careened into the print arts because it just did – I bought an Apple Macintosh and down the vortex I went. When the printing industry morphed (some say died), my life changed again. And I found my solace and comfort in the sounds of Ella, Billie, Louis, and countless too many others to list. I had already accumulated a vast collection of audio gear – I tried it all and liked most. So what to do next?

For a time I hung out and eventually worked at George Tordai’s store, Audio Oasis, and was poised to take over but the winds of the audio world shifted and the vagaries that surround any business succession necessitated a different course. In the past, I always had audio mentors. I liked being in audio stores and worked at Ring Audio back in the 80s. For those in the know, Stephen Berthelot influenced me greatly. I learned all about vintage gear at Ring Audio Classics in the 90s. See, if you ingratiate yourself with a store every day, you get to experience everything that comes into the store including all the myriad of audio enthusiasts.

Also in the 90s, I worked for a time for Miss Angie – I learned much at American Sound. More knowledgeable people passed through those doors than I can rightly remember. I heard Wilsons there for the first time and boy, did I dislike them (WATT/Puppy 5) – oh how times have changed (TuneTot, Sabrina, Yvette etc.). I remember hearing the story of Adrian Low and the birth of Audio Excellence. I became a client of Adrian’s brother – Ian. I ventured into AE at that time because it represented everything I desired in an audio retailer – really…

So fast forward to 2017 – George made a call and I found myself at 70 Esna Park Drive, unit # 7 and sitting across from Adrian Low. And now a year later, I’m here – ensconced and ingratiated in the place where I should be and finally who I am - AE Lifer…

Vilip Mak