Synthesis FCO 300B Single-Ended Integrated Amplifier

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Dual mono pure class A Single Ended Amplifier

The amplifier FCO-300B is capable of reproducing music with speed, contrast, body and the life-like presentation of instruments. With this model, using the Single Ended configuration in pure class A, they managed to obtain the musicality they were looking for with dynamics, bass control and power output able to drive a broad range of speakers

The high quality of components used gave to the project a better resolution that reveal to the listener hears a life-like presentation of the musical performance.


Aluminium Knobs
60mm CNC machined control knobs with integral soft light and laser etched indication segments.
DC Powered tube heater
All tubes, have DC stabilised heater circuits to reduce hum noise to a near in-audible minimum.
Output transformer
The Output transformer uses a double C-core Hi-Grade Iron-Silicon for superb frequency reproduction and bandwidth. With this newly designed custom output transformer unique to the FCO-300B we are able to achieving highly delicate and precise sound reproduction faithful to the original recording.
Mechanical construction of the frame.
The power supply, choke and output transformers are resin cast in a metal case which provides the unit free from unwanted vibrations which further helps reduce unwanted noise at the tubes.
Remote control
A superb CNC machined aluminium body with soft button design, perfectly matching the aesthetics for the "FCO" series.
Bias control
The factory set fine bias control is microprocessor controlled to maintain the optimum settings. No adj are required when the power tube is changed.
Dual mono Circuitry
A completely dual mono design minimises the crosstalk across channels. Power transformers use hi-grade iron silicon M0 and separate supplies with hi-grade selected capacitors to produce extremely low ripple levels. Independent to the mains transformer, each channel has a separate power supply guaranteeing a large reservoir of energy to meet the demands of the amplifier circuit and to maintain excellent interference immunity between channels.
Binding posts
Gold plated professional binding posts for a continued oxidisation free connection further improve sound refinement.
Gold plated ceramic sockets for a continued oxidisation free connection further improve sound refinement.
Components for the FCO-300B have been selected with great care throughout. Only the best available components are considered and all must undergo an exhaustive analysis of their sonic influence prior to final selection.
Selected tubes
All tubes used are selected after 2 stage warm up. A fully computer monitored machine controls the process and at the end of this, selects the perfect tubes which are matched for a perfect balance.
Possibility to run the FCO-300B as “power amp”