Solid Steel - VL Series Rack

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Size: VL-2


Material: Black


Solid Steel - VL Series Rack

Welcome to the future of vinyl appreciation with Solidsteel's VL Series – the solution that unites your record collection and audio system in a harmonious embrace. Designed with the discerning music lover in mind, the VL Series caters to both vinyl aficionados and audio enthusiasts, offering a perfect home for your LPs and sound equipment.

Crafted with Italian finesse, the VL Series stands as a testament to Solidsteel's commitment to melding technical excellence with aesthetic elegance. Its walnut wood finish seamlessly blends into any environment, transforming any space into a music lover's paradise. This innovative range redefines your audio setup, allowing you to curate your musical world effortlessly. Whether you're a long-time collector or just beginning your audio journey, the VL Series offers a haven for your vinyl treasures and sound equipment. With the capacity to house up to 120 records per level, you can finally give your LPs the home they deserve. And if your collection continues to grow, fear not – our Extre-Kits provide the perfect solution for expanding your storage space. Rediscover the joys of vinyl with Solidsteel's VL Series, where tradition meets functionality in perfect harmony, enhancing your audio experience for years to come.

*VL Extra Kits for 8.9" and 12.9" include: Inner shelf and set of poles and hardware

Solid Steel - VL Series Rack
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Weight & Dimensions

Tubes: painted aluminum (anodized) filled with damping material;

Hardware: stainless steel;

Terminals: Iron AVP treated with zinc to eliminate the risk of rust;

Shelves: MDF wood (22 mm of thickness), polymer laminate.

Sustainability for each shelf: 120 kg tested.

Weight: 51 Kg | 112,4 lbs - Weight: 26 Kg | 57,3 lbs

Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 1280 (50,4) H 958 (37,7) D 410 (16,1) - W 1280 (50,4) H 464 (18,2) D 410 (16,1)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 480 (18,9) H 325/225/225 (12,8/8,8/8,8) D 410 (16,1)