Solid Steel - S5 Series Rack

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Solid Steel - S5 Series Rack

Introducing the S5 Series – a testament to Solidsteel's core philosophy that blends form and function into a harmonious whole. It's the culmination of years of meticulous research, focusing on both functionality and aesthetic excellence. Prioritizing the use of top-quality materials, the S5 Series seamlessly integrates the standout features of previous welding-based products with the technical advancements derived from the Hyperspike line. The result is a fundamental range of equipment characterized by excellence, quality, and simplicity.

What sets the S5 Series apart is its innovative shelving design. The primary shelves, featuring perforations in their central areas, incorporate embedded steel components. The secondary shelves, ingeniously positioned on new steel cones, introduce decoupling, effectively countering component vibrations. Placing them on their corresponding steel discs (S Series PADS), our traditional steel spikes channel vibrations into the ground, ensuring optimal functionality. Aluminum tubes, filled with non-grainy damping material, offer height adjustability, making it easy for users to tailor the rack to their preferences. This level of customization perfectly complements the technological prowess of the product, enabling users to create a tailored, technically advanced setup that enhances their audio systems to the fullest. Experience the fusion of form and function with the S5 Series, where excellence meets innovation to elevate your audio experience.

*S5 Add Kit for 5.7" and 9.65" Add Kits include: Set of 4 Black poles with hardware

Solid Steel - S5 Series Rack
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Weight & Dimensions

Tubes: painted aluminum (anodized) filled with damping material;

Hardware: stainless steel;

Terminals: Iron AVP treated with zinc to eliminate the risk of rust;

Shelves: MDF wood, polymer laminate.

Sustainability for each shelf: 60 kg tested.

Weight: 24 Kg | 53 lbs - 47 Kg | 103.61 lbs