Solid Steel - NS Series Speaker Stands

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Size: NS-4


Solid Steel - NS Series Speaker Stands

Elevate your audio experience with our versatile NS-10 speaker stands, designed to complement a wide range of bookshelf loudspeakers on the market. Whether you're enhancing your home audio setup, creating a pro audio studio, or setting up a home theater system, these stands are the perfect choice. Their adjustable height makes them ideal for surround systems and accommodating satellite speakers in 5.1 A/V setups, home cinemas, and home theaters.

Crafted with precision, each stand features five finely painted steel pipes securely fastened between a wooden top plate (160x160 mm) and a robust stainless steel bottom plate, cut with precision using laser technology. The bottom metal cones are threaded to support height-adjustable stainless steel spikes, ensuring stability and sound isolation. These stands are filled with Stratocell®, a high-performance sound-absorbing polyethylene foam known for its exceptional acoustic correction properties. With easy assembly and all necessary screws and tools included, these stands also come with "Pata-fix®" to securely mount your speakers on the top plates. Elevate your audio setup with NS-10 speaker stands, designed for both functionality and acoustic excellence.

Weight & Dimensions

Five-iron-pipes in Flat Black finish;

MDF top plate of 160×160 mm (6,3 in) painted in Flat Black finish;

Heavy stainless steel bottom plate;

Height-adjustable, stainless steel spikes;

Weight: 13.5 Kg | 29.76 lbs

Finish: Black only
Outer Dimensions mm | inch:

W 230 (9,1) H 1020 (40,1) D 280 (11) - W 230 (9,1) H 625 (24,6) D 280 (11)

Inner Shelves Dimensions mm | inch:

W 160 (6,3) D 160 (6,3)