Shunyata Venom XC-V10 C19 (20amp) 1.75m (CLEARANCE SALE, BRAND NEW)

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BRAND NEW Venom XC – V10 1.75M C19 (20 amp)

Venom 10 XC is the lowest cost cable in the XC Series which includes the Delta XC, Alpha XC, Sigma XC and the ultimate Omega XC. XC cables are designed specifically to optimize the performance of Shunyata Research power conditioners. XC cables eschew noise reduction features in favor of enhanced DTCD (dynamic transient current delivery) which is essential to maximize the performance of power conditioners and high-power amplifiers.

The Venom V10 XC delivers advanced technology and unprecedented performance at its very reasonable price point. The Venom V10 XC features high capacity 10 gauge OFE conductors and advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics.

The Venom range of power cables provide objective, dramatic performance benefits that simply do not exist outside of Shunyata’s own product range — regardless of price!