IsoAcoustics V120 U-Bracket Adaptor

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IsoAcoustics V120 U-Bracket Adaptor

Bolts to the bottom of the V120 Mount and connects to speakers mounted on U brackets.

Mount studio monitors with U-Brackets to the IsoAcoustics V120
The V120 U Bracket Adapter bolts to the circular flange on the bottom of the V120 Mount and provides a connection to U bracket Adapters for speaker models with threaded connection points located on the sides of the speaker cabinet.
- U-Bracket Adapter mounts professional audio speakers to the V120 isolation mount.
- Compatible with U-bracket models that include Neumann LH 25 and Adam Audio Mounting Bracket for S2V (31102100), S3H (31102200) and S3V (31102300).
- The two-part U Bracket Adapter features a slide-in connection which makes mounting speakers to the V120 mount quick and easy

Weight & Dimensions

- Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.7” x 3.1” x 0.6” (120mm x 80mm x 16mm)
- Weight 0.53lbs (0.24kg)