iFi iTraveller

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iFi iTraveller

A multi-purpose travel case designed specifically for portable DACs

Keep your audio life organised with iTraveller.
Portable DAC
Power bank

iFi iTraveller
iFi iTraveller Sale price$69.00

Fits all your audio accessories
Organised and tangle-free
Designed specifically for portable DACs
Opens out flat for easy access
Dual connection ports for simultaneous use of different cables
Outer storage pocket giving you quick and easy access to your playlist
Elastic belts and mesh pockets provide great flexibility when organising your accessories
Soft, padded, removable partitions to protect from scratches
Water-resistant fabric and self healing waterproof zips

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions: 135mm (5.4″) x 190mm (7.5″) x 50mm (2″)