iFi Go Pod

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iFi Go Pod

The GO pod ­is a pair of wearable Bluetooth DAC/headphone amps designed to make your premium in-ear monitors (IEMs) wireless.

It is the first device in the world to support Hi-Res 96kHz/24bits with LDAC and Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound Bluetooth codecs on TWS.

Given the quality of the GO pod’s circuitry, when combined with a well-chosen pair of high-performance IEMs, the resulting sound is far in advance of any ‘true wireless’ earbuds or Bluetooth headphones.

Using a pair of GO pods is simple. First, detach the cable from your favourite IEMs and connect the earpieces to the left and right pods. Then, pair the pods with your source device (a smartphone, for example) and hook the ergonomically designed ear loops around your ears to ensure a comfortable fit… the result is unrivalled TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphone sound.

iFi Go Pod
iFi Go Pod Sale price$599.00

Advanced filtration prevents noise from interfering
with the digital signal
• Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) protects
against surges and voltage transients
• Supports Gigabit Ethernet with no speed
• Network transformer delivers complete electrical
• Shielded case with integral ground wire blocks
external interference, minimises packet loss and
ensures stable signal transmission
• Uses standard RJ45 Ethernet cable connections
• Connect between your broadband router and
network audio streamer