Daniel Hertz M7 High Efficiency Speakers in Black

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Daniel Hertz M7 High Efficiency Speakers in Black

Experience audio excellence like never before with the Daniel Hertz M7 – a speaker meticulously crafted for those who seek the perfect balance between extreme delicacy and maximum, effortless power.

The M7 stands out as the sole full-range speaker that seamlessly blends astonishing intricacy and detail with unparalleled slam and punch, surpassing the capabilities of any residential speaker currently available. Versatile and compatible with high-end amplifiers, the M7 showcases its prowess even with low-power 1W - 2W tube amps. For an immersive musical journey, it is recommended to pair the M7 with the Maria 350 amplifier, unlocking its full potential and placing you inside the heart of the music.

Hand-built in the enchanting city of Venice, Italy, each M7 is a testament to precision engineering and craftsmanship. Utilizing the finest parts and materials, dedicated engineers and craftspeople ensure that each M7 is a work of art designed to last a lifetime and beyond – much like a fine musical instrument.

Step into a world where delicacy meets power, where every note is rendered with astonishing detail, and where craftsmanship is synonymous with perfection. Elevate your audio experience with the Daniel Hertz M7 – a speaker that defines the pinnacle of audio excellence and promises a lifetime of musical bliss.


"The Daniel Hertz M7 is for the music lover who wants the closest thing to our flagship M1 system in a more compact floor standing size."
- Mark Levinson

  • The Daniel Hertz M7 is a powerful high efficiency full range floor standing monitor.
  • A beast Daniel Hertz 12 inch woofer and compression driver tweeter with molded horn, exclusive to Daniel Hertz.
  • 100dB, 1 watt, 8 ohms efficiency
  • Maximum sound pressure level (SPL): up to 130dB SPL
  • 12 layers of black piano finish, with angled front panel, for optimum imaging.
  • Personally designed by Mark Levinson as a no compromise full range reference speaker.
Weight & Dimensions

Input Impedance
8 ohms, nominal

Three way binding posts

Frequency response
20Hz to 20kHz (with Maria 200 amplifier)

100dB/1W/1M/8 ohms

Maximum SPL
126dB with 200W, 130dB+ with 800W

Dispersion characteristics
focused and wide angle.
970mm (38.2 inches)

450mm (17.7 inches)

405mm (15.9 inches)

60kg (130 pounds)