Aune S17 Pro Headphone Amp

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The Next Generation of Headphone Amps

Twin JFET | 2 Pairs of Transistors per Channel:
The S17 Pro features Twin JFET technology known for its high input impedance and rich sound. This advanced design ensures consistent performance with stable mid-point voltage, making it ideal for headphone amplification. The final output stage utilizes 2 pairs of output transistors per channel, totaling 16 transistors, capable of delivering up to 7.5W of power. It effortlessly drives a wide range of headphones and IEMs.

Class-A, 2 Levels of Current/Gain:
Operating with 50mA/100mA per transistor, each channel employs 2 pairs of transistors in parallel, resulting in high quiescent currents of 100mA/200mA. Class-A amplification provides a mellow, warm, and smooth sound signature. The low gain mode optimally drives IEMs, maintaining linearity, while the high gain mode delivers robust power suitable for demanding headphones.

R2R Electronic Volume Chip | Rigorous HiFi Component Selection:
The S17 Pro integrates an R2R electronic volume chip from JRC and dedicated op-amps to create a 4-way balanced R2R volume control system. This setup ensures precise control, excellent channel balance, expansive soundstage, and accurate positioning. High-quality components, including HiFi electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and organic thin-film capacitors, are meticulously chosen for superior performance.

2 Colors to Present Current Level/Temperature | Overheat Protection | 3-Dimensional Cooler Structure:
In the 100mA mode, akin to a high-current Class-A operation mode, the amplifier operates similarly to the "GT mode" in a racing car, with gradual temperature rise (faster with low headphone impedance). The S17 Pro includes overheat protection, automatically switching to 50mA Class-A current mode when reaching 69°C, maintaining excellent sound quality under varying conditions. Its 3-dimensional cooler structure enhances thermal management.

Powerful and Rich-Sounding | Aesthetic Tuning:
Equipped with a 50W low-ripple toroidal transformer and dual-power design, the S17 Pro separates digital control from analog to minimize interference, complemented by a 19,200μF capacitor array. These elements collectively enhance its powerful and rich sound output. Tuning based on real instrument sounds and musical references ensures a natural and full-bodied sound signature.


Class A Stable


Fully Symmetrical


2 Transistors per channel

R2R Volume Control

50 Watt Linear Toroidal Transformer

Aluminium Remote Control

2 Amplifier Stages