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Style: High Current


Size: 1.0m


Audioquest Hurricane AC Power Cables


Check out the Audioquest Hurricane AC Power Cable! This top-of-the-line power cable is designed to deliver clean and stable power to your audio system, resulting in exceptional performance and clarity. Its patented Ground Noise-Dissipation technology helps reduce the noise and interference that can impact your audio quality, while its solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors ensure optimal conductivity and signal transfer. The Audioquest Hurricane AC Power Cable is also built to last, with durable materials and high-quality terminations. With its sleek and elegant design, this cable is not only functional but also a stylish addition to any high-end audio system. If you're looking to upgrade your power cables, the Audioquest Hurricane AC Power Cable is definitely worth considering.


Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation 3-Pole AC Power Cable
Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) Conductors
Uncompressed High-Current Transfer
RF/ND-Tech (US Patent # 8,988,168)
ZERO (No) Characteristic Impedance (50Hz – 1MHz)
72VDC Dielectric-Bias System (US Patent #7,126,055) with Radio-Frequency Noise Trap
Directionally Controlled Conductors