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McIntosh XCS 350 Center Speaker - $2200

No box or manual

No trades

Cash and carry


McIntosh MCD 7008 CD Changer. 6 Disc capacity - $750

6-Disc Capacity

One owner

No box/remote. Has manual


McIntosh MAC 3 Preamp/Processor Dolby Digital - $500


B&W CDM 1 SE Special Edition - $650

B&W CDM 1 Special Edition

Rated Good only for age

One Owner, rarely used

No Box/Manual.

Stands not included


Emotiva UPA-700 7 x 100 watts

Emotiva UPA-700 Power Amplifier

100 watts x 7 channels

One owner

No box


McIntosh Mc7106 6 x 100 watt amplifier - $1650

McIntosh Mc7106 Multi Channel Power Amplifier

6 x 100 watts, bridgeable into 320 watts x 3 channels, or any combination thereof

One owner


B&W HTM1 Nautilus Center Channel - $1500

One owner

Rated good only due to age

No box/manual


B&W 801 Nautilus - $6500

B&W Nautilus 801

Rarely available

One owner

No box.

Manual available


McIntosh MX130 - $1300

One owner

No box.

Comes with Manual and remote
Optional MAC 3 Dolby Digital available for $500


Thiel SCS 2 Center Channel - $250

Thiel SCS 2 Center channel

Fantastic center channel

Designed by Jim Thiel using a custom made coaxial driver for proper time alignment


Acurus a100x3 power amplifier - $500

100 watts x 3 channels

Made in the USA
Rarely available
This amplifier is rarely available because owners know how good it is.

Designed and built in the US.


Martin Logan Vignette Center Channel Speaker - $200

Martin Logan Vignette

Superb center channel with ATF tweeter

No box/manual

timthumb (1).png

Integra DTM 40.7 Stereo Receiver - $375

Integra DTM 40.7 Stereo Receiver.

Superb build and sound.
.Has less than 10 hours of use

80 w/ch@8ohms, 110 w/ch@6ohms
Uses the highly regarded AKM DACs

Loaded with features like AirPlay, USB, DSD, Internet Radio etc.


Polk Audio CSi A6 Center Speaker - $300

Year End July Madness Sale!!!

Polk Audio CSi A6 Center Speaker

Conservatively rated Good condition

No Box/Manual


Definitive Technology CS9060 Center Channel - $699

Year End July Sales Madness!!!
Definitive Technology CS9060 center Channel
Brand New!!!
The CS9060 includes an 8" powered woofer with 150 watt amplifier. This means vocals, soundtracks and music can be reproduced with authority and realism.


Definitive Technology Mythos 2 - $300

Year End July Madness Sale!!!

Definitive Technology Mythos 2 Speakers

Can be used on wall as part of LCR arrangement, or as side or rear speakers, or in a study system


Definitive Technology Mythos 3 Center Speaker - $150

Hand polished black aluminum enclosure, sleek and slim. Easy to install and fit in modern decors.

Because there is no mounting hardware, we are selling this Center Speaker for only $150!


Definitive Technology BP9060 - $1650

Year End July Madness Sale!!!

Definitive Technology BP9060

One owner, rarely used

Very Good condition

No Box/Manual


Audio Physic Avanti 30th Anniversary - $6000

Year End July Madness Sale!!!

Audio Physic Avanti 30th Anniversary

Finished in stunning Black Glass

Made in Germany

Demo Pair - Full Warranty


McIntosh XCS200 Center speaker - $3500

McIntosh XCS 200 Speaker

This is our rarely used display. Virtually all our high end projects are done based around our recommendations to the client, so we never had much opportunity to use this speaker. As such it is not even broken in.

Very conservatively rated as Good.

Have box.


Avalon Ascent mk1 - $6500

Rarely Available

Original owner

Rated Good condition because of some light marks on the cabinet. Drivers are working properly

No box, grill or manual. Unfortunately, when the client moved, these were lost.

Cannot ship unless buyer is prepared to pay for custom crates. (Approximately $2,000)


Martin Logan Summit - $5999

1. May have the box, will have to check with the seller. If he has it you are welcome to it. Same with the manual

2. Cash or EMT only.

3. No trades


Newly Rebuilt Quad 989 Full Range Electrostatic Speakers - $4500

Quad ESL 989 Full Range Electrostatic Speakers

Completely rebuilt by Ken Simpson. All new panels and dust covers. Work was completed about 2 months ago, costing about $5,000.


Velodyne DD11CH Subwoofer $1200

Comes with Box

Amazing subwoofer for both hometheatre and stereo


Krell S300i Integrated Amplifier - $1500

Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifier
150 watts/ch @ 8ohms
300 watts/ch @ 4ohms

One owner
Excellent Condition.


Elac FS248 - $2250

Elac FS 248 Floor Standing Speakers

Black Piano Finish

Made in Germany


Elac BS263 - $1300

ELAC BS 263 Bookshelf Speakers (STANDS ARE NOT INCLUDED)

Black Piano finish

Made in Germany

No box/manual.


Ayre QB9 - $1550

Ayre QB-9 DSD
24/96 kHz
DSD 64
Can be upgraded to latest specs for $1,000 USD if you wish

One owner


DunLavy SC-1 Bookshelf speakers x5 - $1500

Dunlavy SC-1 bookshelf speakers x 5. Reviewer’s system

$1,500 for 5 speakers!

No boxes/manuals


ELAC CC241.3 Center Channel - $800

Made in Germany

Black Piano finish
Very Good condition


Marantz SR7008 9.2 AV Receiver - $750

125 watts x 9 channels
Excellent condition
One owner. Comes from a huge collection!


Chord Chordette Qute HD - $750

Excellent condition
One owner. Comes from a huge collection. Rarely used

Audio Stream rated this as “Greatest Bits”, a Best Buy

McIntosh MX150 Preamp/Processor - $4,500

Top of the Line

One owner.

Very low use.

Comes from a huge collection.

No box/microphone.


Wharfedale UPC10 Subwoofer - $500

This is part of our Pre-Renovation Sale.

Lightly used display model.

Comes with remote that controls virtually all functions including phase and output.

500W amplifier built in.

All Sales Final


Martin Logan CLX/Descent i-Sub with CLX crossover $12,995

Very rarely available
Excellent condition
One of the finest speakers ever made

No Boxes/Manuals


Marantz AV7005 Pre/Pro 7.1 - $699

One owner

Low use. Comes from a huge collection

No box/manual/Mic


Marantz SR6006 7.2 AV Receiver - $600

One owner

Rarely used. Comes from a huge collection

No box/Manual/Mic


Bel Canto DAC 2.5 with REFLink - $2,000

One owner.

Very low use. Comes from a huge collection

No box/manual


Naim DAC - $2,500

One owner

Excellent condition. One Toslink input is a bit loose, but the other 3 are fine. All of the inputs work properly.


Ayre Acoustics VX-5 Power Amplifier - $4,500

Excellent Condition



Acapella Campanile Horn Plasma Tweeter Speakers - $43,500

Made in Germany. Very Rare!!

One owner

New Plasma Tweeters, about 12 months. Hardly used since


April Music
CD/Int Amp/Tuner All-In-One - $1,450

Superb Sound in a small package
Gorgeous Industrial Design by highly decorated Industrial Designer Kenneth Grange
Rated 50 watts/ch
Comes with box and remote


Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD/CD/DAC - $7,500

One owner, Excellent Condition
Very Rare!!


Krell Evolution One Rare Monoblocks -


Top of the Line, 4 chassis design
Rated at 450 watts @ 8ohms Pure Class A
Built without compromise
Excellent condition except one amp module shows light discoloration on the top right edge.


Convergent Audio Technology JL-1 RARE! - $11,500

Convergent Audio Technology JL-1
Pure Class A Triode Tube Amplifiers
KT120 output tubes
Removable tube cages
Very good condition. Fully checked, biased, tested and ready to go.


Dan D'Agostino M300 - $39500

MSRP $74,250

1. Condition - Physically the amps have some light scratches. The stunning finish is quite soft and shows scratches easily. I've tried to show this in the pics but the high reflectivity of the finish does not help.

2. I have the Pelican cases for the amps.

3. No Trades. I've priced the amps well below cost for a quick sale.

4. Buyer pays shipping and all associated costs including customs etc.

5. I have the matching Momentum Preamp which I will sell with the amp for $28,500


Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier - $28500

MSRP $47,250

Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier

Pure Class A

Fully Balanced Inputs/Output


Vandersteen 2 with Sound Anchor stands - $500

Open baffle, time and phase aligned

One of the great speakers

Richard Vandersteen was a pioneer in the time and phase correct school of speaker design. The Vandersteen 2 was the result of that philosophy. Using minimal crossover, physically time aligning the drivers, and mounting the drivers on open baffles, the speakers sound open, smooth and airy
Much like a planar speaker, with more impact and punch