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You Are Invited to the Opening of Our New Rooms!

Saturday June 15. 12pm – 5pm

Saturday June 22. 12pm – 5pm

It’s finally done! Phase 1 of our planned expansion and renovations is finally finished. We’ve created 2 new sound rooms (one of which is a mixed home theater/music room), a larger pre-owned equipment area, and additional storage. We still have to work on Phase 2, which is to create the first McIntosh Experience Center and refresh the front of the store, but as my friend Walter says, it’s the journey.

To celebrate, we’d like to invite all of you to join us for some fun, prizes, free gifts, DEALS, and much more. Manufacturers will be here to meet and answer any questions you might have. 

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Personal Audio – Headphones, Amps and Portable Audio Players


With the renewed interest in headphones and In Ear Monitors, this category has grown dramatically for the last few years. We listened to most of the highly regarded options, and as always, chose what we believe to be the best. To qualify, the products have to offer the best sound, be comfortable, reliable and easy to drive. If damaged, parts have to be easily available and easy to repair. Price has to be fair in comparison to the competition and to its performance. We can’t obviously carry everything that we like, but we are proud of the effort we put into curating our selection. Following are some of the lines and headphones we now have on display.


MSB Technology

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MSB Technology is an overnight success…only took the company 25 years to get the respect they deserve! Well, better late than never. MSB designs their own ladder DACs, transports and now amplifiers. I heard their first CD player back in the late 80s. It was one of the few players that could play music. The last generation of DACs and Transport sold me on how good they are. The famed Analog DAC sold really well. Many owners are diehard analog fans, and are very pleased with the Analog DAC.




Innuos is based in Portugal, and has been making waves worldwide with their superb servers. Reviewers consistently give the company awards for Best Sound, Best Performance, Best Value etc. I finally heard the Statement, their top of the line, at the recent Montreal Show. Sharing the room with PMC and Hegel, the system made music. Effortlessly. I stayed for a long time, just listening. Of course I knew that the great sound did not belong just to the Innuos Statement. It’s always the weakest link that determines the end result. I was so impressed that we immediately became dealers. 


Dan D’Agostino Progression 


I’ve been lusting after these bad boys for a while, and finally placed the order for a pair of the D’Agostino Progression monoblock amplifiers. Rated at 500 watts into 8 ohms, 1000 watts into 4 and 2000 watts into 2 ohms, these are the most powerful amps that Dan D’Agostino made until he released the Relentless Monoblocks (1500 watts at 8 ohms!) 


JVC Projectors


We’ve been selling and installing JVC projectors for many years. The company offers some of the best projectors you can buy, especially for accurate color, high resolution, deep blacks and overall picture quality. The new Reference series takes everything up to an even higher level. 


Lumin M1 Integrated Amp 60w/ch/DAC/Streamer with Triangle Elara LN01 bookshelf speakers bundle special. Reg. $2,700. Sale $1,999!

The Lumin M1 is the perfect hub for your system. It has a 60w/ch amplifier (100w/ch @ 4 ohms), can decode up to 32bit/384 kHz, DSD128, MQA, streams Spotify, Tidal, qobuz, AirPlay, and is Roon ready. It even has a free App! Regular price is $2,199.



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Video Interview with Paolo Tezzon, Chief Designer of Acoustics for Sonus faber

Paolo Tezzon studied Work Psychology in University. His passion for music led him to become an audiophile as a teenager. Initially building his own speakers out of necessity, he bought a pair of Sonus faber Concertino and fell in love with the company. Paolo joined Sonus faber in 2004, apprenticing under the legendary founder and designer Franco Serblin. After Franco sold the company in 2006, Paolo took over the design responsibilities, and has been responsible for the company’s sonic attributes.

The full video is long, but well worth watching. We discuss his early challenges when he took over the acoustics division, the design process, why flat frequency response is not desirable, the various technologies he patented, why he thinks speakers should not be spiked and more. Click here to watch, and please share this video with fellow audiophiles. I think it’s really important that we learn from the actual designers instead of just reading marketing material.


Video Interview with Livio Cucuzza, Chief Industrial Designer for the McIntosh Group

Livio was hired in 2010 to head the Industrial Design team for the McIntosh Group, which owns McIntosh, Sonus faber, Audio Research, Wadia, Pryma and Sumiko. Livio and his team have been responsible for the aesthetics, which many feel to be the best in our industry. I visited the Sonus faber factory on Oct 23, and had the opportunity to interview Livio, Paolo Tezzon (Chief Designer of Acoustics for Sonus faber) and Marta Reane (Marketing Manager for Sonus faber). This is the interview I did with Livio. We talk about his educational background, his love for the industry as a kid because his father had a Hi Fi shop, and his process of design. 


Toronto Audiofest was a success for us

Image by Stereophile edited by Jay Lee

Image by Stereophile edited by Jay Lee


10 Things You Get When You Shop with Audio Excellence - The VIP Program



I have dealt with Audio Excellence Inc for the last 20 years, including purchasing and installing a home theater and music system for our new home when we returned to the Toronto area from Texas

We have enjoyed our relationship with Adrian and his crew, and have found them to be very knowledgeable in all areas

Highly recommend them!
— P.G Griffiths
Over the past 14 years, Audio Excellence has installed 3 High End Audio and 2 Home Theater Systems for me. I am most pleased.

Highly Recommended
— Dr. Nolan Kane

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Thanks to Jay and the guys, we now have lots of videos on our YouTube channel and our website. If you haven’t already seen them,

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