Wilson Audio MAXX Full Range Speakers. Best Buy!! (Pre-Owned)

Wilson Audio MAXX Full Range Speakers. Best Buy!! (Pre-Owned)

Price:   CAD $16000.00

Please contact us DIRECTLY if you would like to buy this:


1. Cash or EMT only

2. No trades


Wilson Audio MAXX Full Range Speakers

New Diffraction Pads and resistors

Seller replaced all midrange and tweeters so that they are literally as New!

Selling due to Huge upgrade.

Comes with Isoacoustics isolation and absorption feet!

Cosmetically rated Fair due to age and some light blemishes and paint swirls. If you have a car wax buffer, you can likely buff out much of these

I can’t think of another speaker that can play the scale of large symphonies as well as a solo violin, with the musicality and emotion of these speakers, for this price ! Some speakers can play loud but they have too much coloration eg horns. Others can do beautiful soft and small ensembles but fall badly on large scale music. Metal, Hard Rock etc.

And very few can plumb the depths of bass with linearity, effortless power and separation of detail without boominess

The MAXX does all of the above. And more!

Huge wide soundstage with precise image leaving you there at the venue. Or a command performance in your room.

And because the speakers have Wilson’s time alignment system, they are adjusted to YOUR ears and listening position

One thing for sure, if you are looking for an end game speaker that can play virtually ANY type of music, these are it!

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