PS Audio M1200 monoblocks. NEW with Full Warranty. 30% OFF

PS Audio M1200 monoblocks. NEW with Full Warranty. 30% OFF

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PS Audio Stellar Sale

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PS audio Stellar M1200 monoblocks

Brand New, Full Warranty

Rated 600 watts into 8 ohms, 1200 into 4 ohms!

These amps are real power houses. Shocking how effortless your speakers will sound once you give them such clean and musical high power

Here's what Stereophile said:

""Punchy" doesn't begin to describe the M1200's low-end solidity, extension, rhythmic swagger, and complete freedom from overhang. I played a plain American pressing of David Bowie's Station to Station (RCA APL 1-1327); following the train drive-by, George Murray's bass line kicks in, followed by a single Dennis Davis drum "thwack" that felt as if the woofer cones might have broken free of the baskets if I had played it much louder, taking the surrounds with them! The energy concentration on and around individual notes was one of the M1200's most memorable characteristics.

The M1200 was as fast, precise, and clean from the mids on up as it is in the bottom octaves, which helps ensure a bottom-to-top rhythmic coherence and transparency that lets you "see" into the farthest reaches of the soundstage on recordings that can produce such a 3D picture. Transients were lightning-fast, pure, and precise. You'll not detect grit, grain, smear, or "etch" unless it's baked into the recording.

Substituting the PS Audio Stellar M1200s for my reference darTZeel NHB-468s was like stepping out of a Mercedes-Maybach and into a Porsche Carrera S—though one miraculously priced like a Subaru. It was a month-long (plus a little more) fast-handling joy ride. "

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