NAD M10 v1 Streamer/Amp (Pre-Owned)

NAD M10 v1 Streamer/Amp (Pre-Owned)

 Price:     CAD $2200.00

Please contact us DIRECTLY if you would like to buy this:

1. Cash or EMT only

2. No trades


NAD M10 V1 Intgegrated Amplifier/Streamer/DAC

Excellent condition

Comes with box, manual and USB drive

Superb unit that sounds great, is easy to use and will stream all your music. Just connect speakers!

The M10 has 100 w/ch with dynamic power of 160 watts into 8 and 300 watts into 4 ohms!

Stream your music easily as it supports Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and Internet Radio.

You can also connect a source like your CD player's analog output or with digital

It even has HDMi ARC, so you can connect your Smart TV!

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