Martin Logan Ascent i. Incredible High End performance Value! (Pre-Owned)

Martin Logan Ascent i. Incredible High End performance Value! (Pre-Owned)

Price:    CAD $1999.00

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Martin Logan Ascent i Electrostatic Hybrid speakers

Comes with power cords and spikes

No boxes, cannot ship

If you've always craved for the detail, speed, transparency and coherence of the best speakers, but balk at the cost, these may be the answer to your wishes.

Electrostatic speakers naturally have all the above qualities. The mylar which makes the sound is literally lighter than the mass of the air in front of it, and can react to the electrical signal faster than any driver on the market. It starts and stops instantly! As a result, you will hear details you've never heard before! The transients of guitar plucks, drum thwacks, vocal inflections ... these will all amaze you. And because the panel produces the critical midrange and high frequencies, there is no discontinuity at all! The custom 10" woofer is specially designed to take over the duties from 280Hz and below, so mid and low bass sounds are removed from the electrostatic panel. This means the punch and power comes from the woofers, exactly where you'd need them to be.

With a 90dB sensitivity, and 4 ohm load, the speakers are quite easy to drive, but make sure your amplifier is of good quality, because the better your system, the more amazing these speakers will sound. Indeed, these speakers will astound you with good quality source and electronics. Again, they don't have to be expensive, just good, eg Parasound, Musical Fidelity, etc. Even tube amplifiers can be used.

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