JL Audio F212 V1. State of the Art Subwoofer (Pre-Owned)

JL Audio F212 V1. State of the Art Subwoofer (Pre-Owned)

Price:          CAD $4500.00

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1. Cash or EMT only

2. No trades

3. Pick up only. Cannot ship


Jl Audio F212 subwoofer

No box or manual or microphone

2 x 12 " custom made JL Audio woofers, with 3,000 watts. This subwoofer is large, measuring 15"W x 32"H x 20" D, and it weighs 220 lbs!!

If you want the best bass for the money, this is it! Deep, powerful, articulate, and very tight. Nothing comes close. JL Audio made its reputation in the extremely competitive High End Car Audio market, then started to make specialty subwoofers for the high end home theater and music industry. Their woofers are virtually bulletproof, as they have to withstand the incredibly harsh environment in a car. That's why their subs can produce amazing bass and output with vanishingly low distortion

The Automatic Room Optimization system smooths and corrects bass bumps and issues, leading to much better sound. You will need a microphone for this option. It costs $210. I MAY HAVE one, but I cannot guarantee this

Rated Fair physically, some blemishes and a crack, but the sub is working properly.

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