Innuos Zenith mk3 Server. Store Display. Full Warranty (DEMO)

Innuos Zenith mk3 Server. Store Display. Full Warranty (DEMO)

Price: $    6461.00

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Innuos Zenith mk3 Server with 1TB internal Drive

Store display. Very lightly used.

Not broken in

Comes with box and accessories

Full warranty

Innuos makes some of the finest music servers. The Zenith mk3 is the second from the top model, and includes many incredible audiophile features:

⦿ New Custom Motherboard with reduced EMI

⦿ Dual Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer with dedicated isolation transformers

⦿ Innovative Triple-Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise regulators and premium Mundorf Capacitors

⦿ 8GB RAM (4GB Dedicated for RAM Playback)

⦿ Asymmetrical isolation feet

⦿ Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output

⦿ SSD Storage with newly improved vibration and EMI treatment

⦿ Quad-core Intel CPU

⦿ Can be used as Roon Core (Optional)

⦿ Medical-Grade Mains Filter

Use the free Sense APP to get amazing performance!

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