Golden Ear Triton 2 (Pre-Owned)

Golden Ear Triton 2 (Pre-Owned)

Price:     CAD $1500.00

Please contact us DIRECTLY if you would like to buy this:

1. Cash or EMT only

2. No trades

3. No boxes, CANNOT SHIP


Introducing the GoldenEar Triton 2 Floor Standing Speakers - a single-owner gem for audiophiles seeking premium sound. With a built-in 1200 watts subwoofer amplifier, 5"x9" and 7"x10" drivers, and an AMT ribbon tweeter, these speakers deliver deep bass and detailed highs. While they lack the original box and manual, their unmatched performance at this price point makes them a standout choice for music and home theater. Elevate your experience with the optional Matching Center Super Center XL for $800, ensuring a seamless audio setup. Discover excellence with the GoldenEar Triton 2.

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