Audiobyte Hydra Vox/Hydra Zap DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Power Supply (DEMO)

Audiobyte Hydra Vox/Hydra Zap DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Power Supply (DEMO)

Price: $3,750.00

Please contact us DIRECTLY if you would like to buy this:

1. Cash or EMT only

2. No trades

Audio Excellence Year End Sale!

We are clearing out our demo and new stock at ridiculous prices so we don't have to count our inventory! Take this opportunity to save!

Audiobyte Hydra Vox/Hydra Zap DAC/Headphone amplifier/External Power Supply

Store Display

Very good condition.

Full warranty

Selling our display for our Year End

This DAC is simply amazing, sonically and in build quality! I have yet to hear its equal anywhere near its price range.

Superbly engineered using FPGA using custom software. The engineers even designed custom filters for you to choose to get the sound you like. These filters can be chosen on a custom app!

The custom app also allows you to choose the digital inputs, filter, phase, volume control and even monitor the power supply!

But all the above means nothing if it doesn't sound good. And boy, does it ever sound good! As I said earlier, I have not heard another DAC anywhere near its price that sounds as musical, detailed, delicate and involving. This is one really good DAC!

Price includes taxes!


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